“Postcards to the Future” Seasonal Special Offer and – ‘Six reasons why I love astrology’

Tonight, we have a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus, shining clear and bright in Glasgow UK. Seems like a good time to do a bit of books PR!

From Karin Hoffman of Astrodienst re ‘Postcards to the Future’:

‘…Present and future astrologers will find in this deep and varied collection nuggets of pure gold, forged in a lifetime, collected and polished for display and – most importantly – for enlightenment and use…’

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Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog….

The interview featured covers a number of facets of the Jupiter/Uranus combination which remain relevant in 2023/4, as well as exploring the historical background to the conjunction and some fascinating examples from its impact on previous cultural phases. It also tells you something about the connections between the researcher ( ie me!) and the reasons for her continuing fascination with this unique planetary pair…

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Getting into Video: Gen Z nags Pluto in Leo…

My video-literate Gen Z new friends have been telling me – no, nagging me! – that I really need to start doing more stuff on video, AND that I also need to do some PR for my very neglected video channel, collect a few subscribers, etc etc… So – never one to neglect good advice, here we go!

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Jupiter’s meeting with Uranus: a major astro-event approaches…

As we advance towards this unique conjunction in April 2024, Jupiter/Uranus is about to settle into a new 14-year cycle, following on the ones I researched in 1997/8 and 2010/11, continuing with its ancient symbolic task of seeing no limits as it challenges old frontiers and reveals startling new vistas of experience and discovery. As a human community, we have begun a new voyage into the Unknown.

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