Favourite Quote: No birds’ nests today, thanks!

My artist friend Pam Blair and I share an office – it is filled with cheerful family photos, children’s drawings, and lovely pictures and images: some inspiring, some moving, and some designed to raise a laugh. We also have a very comfy green settee where we can sit clutching mugs of tea and staring cross-eyed at the wall. This of course greatly helps her to draw, and me to write !

We also like the idea that people passing our door – we are based in a thriving, busy local community centre – can have a chuckle in passing. So the door has our thought for the day pinned to it:

Bad Hair Day !

Bad Hair Day !

“That the birds of worry and care fly above your head,
this you cannot change,
but that they build nests in your hair,
this you can prevent .”

Chinese Proverb

One response to “Favourite Quote: No birds’ nests today, thanks!

  1. email from Caroline at http://www.willowtrading.co.uk October 08:

    “What an interesting site. I could happily lose myself in it for hours…… and intend to do so when I get home.”

    Thanks Caroline! Keep dropping by….and I’ll keep using the Burts Bees! Anne


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