Quote: ‘Writing is a true spiritual path’ by Natalie Goldberg

Continuing the Natalie Goldberg theme – check out ‘Writers!! Are you now or have you ever been…. distracted?’ – for Natalie’s writing practice rules – here is a quote from the first of her books I ever bought: she is the best writer on writing – the most practical, honest and funny – whom I have ever come across :

“……writing is a true spiritual path, an authentic Zen way. Writing is an immediate mirror: it reports back to you. You can’t fool anyone, especially yourself. Here you are the doer and the done, the worldly person and the monk. It’s an opportunity to unite the inner and the outer, both being the same anyway, only in illusion two. A great challenge, a great practice. A large way……”

from ‘Thunder and Lightning Cracking open the writer’s craft’ (p 218) by Natalie Goldberg

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