Away to the wild North West!

Tomorrow we leave for a few days of enjoying the wild and beautiful North-West of Scotland: Kylesku, beyond Ullapool on the West coast.

near Kylesku, North West Scotland

near Kylesku, North West Scotland

Ian will probably be hanging upside down from mountains in the rain with his friends. I, on the other hand, will be curled up cosy in the very fine Kylesku Hotel, tapping on the laptop, pot of tea beside me, warm fire to toast me ( it can be COLD up here in summer!) – reading, knitting (I have completed 3 inches of a scarf since last November – it’s bottom of the knitting food chain talking!) – and venturing out for some walking of my own between the showers. Bliss.

There is no Wi-fi or mobile broadband access here, so time to practice what I preached inTo the Website! Chapter Three (at last !) and have some cut-off time from the Web. I will be contactable again from June 16th, and posting again as usual by the weekend. Have a good week!


ps Friday 12 June : UPDATE !! :

if you are contemplating a stay at the Kylesku Hotel, I have just discovered that they now have WiFi….however, this ps is purely to correct that inaccuracy….back to cut-off. Such discipline. Are you impressed or what?

pps Monday night 15th June:

Yours truly - way Up North!

Yours truly - way Up North!

It’s been great!

The weather was far too good to stay indoors – have been for so many long hikes we are now home for a rest….still off the Web – well, only slightly on….

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