Guest Slot : ‘Unruly Tricksters of the Twelfth House’ by Jude Cowell


I am delighted to be publishing this topical article by prestigious and prolific USA fellow blogger, my friend from Georgia, Jude Cowell. During that season of three weeks (07-29/9/09) when the ultimate planetary trickster, Mercury, turns retrograde and challenges us all with communication conundrums, Jude poses and answers a few mercurial conundrums of her own…

Having astrology’s trickster planet, Mercury, or Mercury-ruled Gemini or Virgo, associated with one’s natal twelfth house can be quite a ‘tricky’ proposition for anyone to manage.

When one considers the unconscious nature of the twelfth house and Mercury’s rulership of our thinking and communicating processes, the picture becomes fraught with possibilities for confusion, doubt, and awkwardness.

In fact, in similar fashion to this blog’s creator and author, the gracious Anne Whitaker, I am communicating with you from the twelfth house right now with sixteen degrees of a mercurial sign directing the show from behind the curtain.

As you know, repressed energies of the twelfth house (12th h) are identified by planets posited there, and by those which are connected by sign and aspect to the house of Self-Undoing and Karma, the 12th h of the Unconscious.

But when fleet-of-foot Mercury is involved, we can be certain that unbidden thoughts will frequently float up into consciousness from the watery depths of the Neptunian realms of the unconscious – some useful and to be acted upon, others not as useful and to be disregarded.

Mysterious Mercury
Mysterious Mercury

A 12th house Mercury may give a tendency to talk to oneself, and the old caution that it’s ‘okay as long as one doesn’t answer back’ may be moot with Mercury involved in the house of the Unconscious – for talk back the trickster will, and often out loud at the most inappropriate times or in awkward ways.

“Foot-in-mouth” syndrome is a common manifestation of the predicament of having connections between the Unconscious psychological 12th house and our thinker-communicator planet.

Plus, ‘The Fool’ card in the Tarot deck illustrates neutral Mercury’s brash characteristics quite well as he/she haplessly opens mouth to insert foot – and usually at the worst of moments…the ‘speak first, think later’ tendency.

Yet that is where Astrology can aid us in understanding these mercurial 12th house dynamics and learning to make productive use of them so that we don’t mistakenly shoot ourselves in the very foot we placed in our mouths. Now that would be a definite ouch!

Directing mercurial 12th house energies outwardly into the wider world may produce a writer or other type of artisan who draws upon knowledge from the collective unconscious and expresses it on behalf of mankind, while remaining the private sort of person that a mercurial 12th house requires.

But before projecting them outwardly, it’s important to replace self-defeating attitudes (such as the repeating loop in our heads of mother’s old discouragements: “oh, you can’t figure that out,” or “what would you know about it?”, etc.) with a more positive attitude; for after all, neutral Mercury can ‘go either way’ – so why not take the high road? Especially since we know that decision-maker Mercury, in his Hermes disguise, is the mystery guide at the crossroads of life, isn’t he?

So aspects to planets in, or associated with the 12th house (or its cusp), show us how and where to use these repressed, unconscious energies to best advantage by ‘tricking the trickster’ and turning them into the talents they truly are.

And developing our verbal and non-verbal creative work is one of the better ways to manage these unruly mercurial scamps of the 12th house while benefiting the collective simultaneously; attempting to push these energies further beneath the oceanic 12th house surface only causes them to fester and become even more distorted than they were from being stifled during childhood by the adults around us who had their own 12th house issues to deal with. And perhaps they didn’t manage it as well as we, with Astrology’s instruction, may now.

So rather than setting ourselves up for subliminally undoing ourselves from the unconscious 12th house, I say: let the 12th house trickster breathe freely, romp with the other kids, take up his quill or paintbrush, and reveal mercurial insights for the benefit of all!

(Written for Anne Whitaker to use, with Jude Cowell’s  permission)

700 words Copyright Jude Cowell 2009

Check out Stars over Washington for Jude’s outspoken astrological and political commentaries on USA’s current affairs….


Jude Cowell

Jude Cowell

Lifelong artist Jude Cowell is a native of Athens, Georgia and an Astrology novice since 1996. She attended Atlanta College of Art in her younger years where she studied Fashion Illustration, Layout, and Design, and has exhibited her artwork in Athens, Augusta, and Atlanta, Georgia. She now displays her colored pencil drawings exclusively online.

Operating several blogs on Political Astrology, Art, and a combination of the two, she allows her astrological studies and universal considerations of the collective to inform her Cosmic, Moon, and Fairy Art.

Jude is a Saturnian astrologer who sees in horoscopes heredity rather than past lives, and though she no longer consults on a regular basis, is always open to the possibility when time permits.

Her blog list includes:

Stars Over Washington, a Political/Mundane Astrology site since 2005:

Jude’s Threshold, a tapestry blog of Art, Astrology, Politics, and Current Events:

Two Hours You’ll Never Get Back, a tapestry blog of Art, Astrology, Politics, Environmental, and Family Concerns:


8 responses to “Guest Slot : ‘Unruly Tricksters of the Twelfth House’ by Jude Cowell

  1. Anne, thanks for the great advice and timely reminder. I think everyone can gain from understanding their Fool (& their Mercury.) 🙂

    Gosh, Joani, that was quick! Thanks so much from me ( Scotland) and Jude (Georgia) for your comment. Anne


  2. thanks Anne, very helpful!

    Glad you like the post, Michael – credit to Jude Cowell for writing it! – do drop by again.


  3. Thanks to you both for this lovely insight into mercury Rx and twelfth house placements. I identified much with the article, having some “stuff” in and connecting to that mysterious house. Beautifully constructive ways of utilising the hidden treasures therein…..


    On behalf of my friend in Georgia and myself, I thank you!!


  4. Yes, Carole, thank you! Jude


  5. I love this post! What wonderful words of wisdom for turning what could be a 12th house disaster into a profound playground of fun, creativity, and insight.

    Also, I loved the line about speaking to us from the 12th house. Some of the best aha!s are the ones we miss. I never thought about the idea that I speak from the house where my Mercury lives. It puts a whole new spin on why I am how I am.


    • Hi Joyce

      thanks so much for your positive response to Jude’s Guest piece which ( like your own!) has proved very popular in this 12th House affirming neck of the woods! I will pass it on to Jude and she may want to add a reply too.



  6. I’ve got mercury conjunct Uranus in the twelfth & am about to start a blog. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but ive put it off for so long in part because I’m afraid of what might result from my vocalizing. Afraid of what might be revealed about me (& others). Anyway, thanks for the encouragement!


    • Hi Jill just back from holiday. Thanks for your comment – good luck with the blog. The trick is not to put anything out in public that you would not feel comfortable for anyone in the whole world to read. And do something about copyright eg via Creative Commons.


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