Briefly – points to ponder: Jude Cowell on astrology – is it a belief system?

September’s Guest on Writing from the Twelfth House is that prestigious and prolific blogger from Georgia, USA  – Jude Cowell – and very popular she has proved to be with her Mercury article  ‘Unruly Tricksters of the Twelfth House’! Jude is an accomplished encapsulator : great at pithy summings-up. Here she is on that very old chestnut: is astrology a belief system, or is it not? Over to you, Jude….

Recently  USA’s Late Late Show host, the Scot Craig Ferguson….” stated on air that he doesn’t believe in Astrology. Or that he doesn’t use it, or something like that (it was a while ago, and late – very late.)

….Now this is where I point out that Astrology is not a belief system so it’s impossible to ‘believe in’ it. One may believe it works or is a useful tool or language with which to understand the world and our own psyches, but a faith-based system it is not.

Craig ’s natal chart is quite interesting – and I assert that his self-revealed visits to a therapist would go even better through the use of Psychological Astrology, if the option is available to him.

After all, no less than Carl Jung used Astrology for diagnosing his patients, you know. Of course, it’s impossible to get an appointment with him these days….”

To see the full post, check out Jude’s Threshold September 6 2009

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2 thoughts on “Briefly – points to ponder: Jude Cowell on astrology – is it a belief system?

  1. Thanks, Anne, for using this – with Astrology AND Craig Ferguson, too! What more could one ask?

    Mr. Ferguson was hilarious last night on the David Letterman Show doing his imitation of Mick Jagger!

    His new book ‘American On Purpose’ just came out and sorry, but I’m happy we have him now and you guys only partially have him…

    Jude ;p

    Hi Jude – I find your devotion to my fellow Scot deeply touching!! Would have loved to have seen the Mick Jagger imitation: you should see MJ’s horoscope – almost as many Leo planets as I have, though NOT in the Twelfth house….

  2. My astrodatabank software probably have Mr. J’s chart in them, i suspect! And i’ve always heard that he’s quite the businessman.

    Could the Leo/Virgo 1st/Second House mix have anything to do with that, do you think?!

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