A plug from Jonathan Cainer, the UK’s top astrologer

Yesterday was an exciting day. I logged on to “Writing from the Twelfth House” and “Jupiter meets Uranus”, my two sites, and found that traffic had shot up. Why? Had one of the comments I’d left on another site been spectacularly interesting? Not a bit of it. Jonathan Cainer, the UK’s top astrologer, had taken my newly-published book “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing” to read on an overseas trip. Yesterday, he gave it a nice plug on his site, complete with a brilliant cartoon. Thanks, Jonathan and team! Here, with his permission, is Jonathan’s comment:


Monday 16th November 2009

Jupiter meets Uranus


Jupiter meets Uranus - from http://www.cainer.com

Jupiter meets Uranus - from http://www.cainer.com

While I was away last week, I did a lot of reading. I’ve found a fascinating book by Anne Whitaker, called ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus’. Although it’s published by the American Federation of Astrologers, Anne is actually a Scottish author who has made a special study of this powerful event that happens once every 14 years or so. It last took place in 1997 so we’re due for one next year. She thinks that, based on trends observed to date, it will bring much social change, scientific innovation and renewed optimism. I’m inclined to agree.


Astrological illustrations and Astrocat by Sally Fisher



Inspiration Foundation UK, Stand with Tibet, Freedom for Burma, Campaign to End Slavery, The Hunger Site, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Save the Rainforest, Friends of the Earth, Chicken Shed Theatre Company, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

260 words copyright Jonathan Cainer/Anne Whitaker 2009
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

4 responses to “A plug from Jonathan Cainer, the UK’s top astrologer

  1. Isn’t the wide world internet amazing? My wife always kept in touch with the stars and look what’s happened to her! I love Jonathan Cainer and I think his second album is the best. DT


  2. Dear Dave, you may be deluded, but I have such a soft spot for you still! Anne x


  3. I like Mr Cainer’s esoteric wisdom and cryptic comments. But, of course, I don’t believe in astrology. Honest!


    • Hi Adam

      thanks for dropping by. No, I don’t believe in astrology either – since it is not a belief system, it cannot be believed in.The astrology which Mr Cainer presents so well is the popular mask, behind which lies a six thousand year old model of observing and commenting on human behaviour as it shifts and changes according to the ever-changing energy field of the solar system.
      I suggest you follow this link –

      – if you are sufficiently open-minded to read about how an uninformed dismisser of an ancient model(me!) changed her mind upon actually studying that considerable body of knowledge which lies beyond the popular but essentially trivial sun sign astrology we have nowadays.


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