Guest Slot: a new Scottish poet on the block….Carole Bone

In the late 1990s Carole Bone turned up in my daytime astrology class: red hair, big eyes, bright mind, very eager to learn, fast talker, very hard to keep her quiet. Irrepressible. A great student to teach. Ten years on, and I was at last emerging  from my 2001-8 retreat. Carole had just left my house, staggering under the weight of a bag full of poetry books…. T.S.Eliot, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Dylan Thomas, Archy and Mehitabel, e e cummings, Anne Stevenson, Tom Leonard, Liz Lochead.….she had kept in touch throughout my time out, sending messages of support, sending me her poems to read. She is a born writer. I remember thinking that day  “She’ll be getting published before long.”

Here is her first published poem.

Lilith and the Devil

My thoughts are dark like Lilith’s night
My dreams like Vincent’s crows in flight
Despair my enemy – my comrade
Are shadows real or just charade

The Devil grins and winks at me
Come dance with me and you will see
Dance with the Devil quick quick slow
Better the Devil that you know

Like an old friend he stands by me
And promises to set me free
Cut my bonds and free my soul
Just pay the ferryman his toll

Pandora’s box of dark delights
Tempt me in the Moon dark nights
Delicious pain won’t let me go
It comforts and torments me so

And when at last released to light
Still feel the teasing sultry night
Call me like a secret love
Iron hand in velvet glove

The Devil laughs and speaks to me
Of all these things to help me see
That angels know these things I know
For as above is so below

(From Wiki: Lilith (Hebrew: ליליתLīlīt; Arabic: ليليثLīlīṯ) is a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and death. The figure of Lilith first appeared in a class of wind and storm demons or spirits as Lilitu, in Sumer, circa 4000 BC. Many scholars place the origin of the phonetic name “Lilith” at somewhere around 700 BC despite post-dating even to the time of Moses.[1] Lilith appears as a night demon in Jewish lore and as a screech owl in Isaiah 34:14 in the King James version of the Bible. In later folklore, “Lilith” is the name for Adam‘s first wife.)

“Lilith and the Devil” was first published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine (USA) – Issue No. 140, Aug/Sept 2008

(Carole’s next poem to be published is “Sisterectomy” – in the Poetry Anthology 2010 published by United Press Ltd – not due out till Spring 2010)

Carole Bone
Carole Bone

Carole’s Biog : …. mother of two magic boys – wife for thirty three years to a Capricorn who is without doubt my rock.  Would be astrologer; this subject has kept me (relatively) sane by helping me to understand the contradictory pulls existing in my nature between the home-loving dreamer and the restless seeker after knowledge. And – a shy Virgo Rising….


ps….I am delighted to report that ‘Lilith and the Devil’ was re-published on 16.3.10 on the Write Anything site as part of a fine reflective piece by Carole, offering advice to would-be poets. To read it, and some more comments on Carole’s work, check out


550 words copyright Carole Bone/ Anne Whitaker 2010
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

12 thoughts on “Guest Slot: a new Scottish poet on the block….Carole Bone

    1. Thanks Annie! I really enjoy showcasing good work on my Guest Slot – and Carole is my first poet to be featured. I’ll pass on your positive comment, and maybe she’ll leave one herself.

  1. Hi Annie

    Thank you so much for your comments. I am chuffed you enjoyed Lilith and the Devil, I enjoyed writing about her too – so much rich imagery in the myths and legends. Delighted to be the first guest poet on Anne’s website too, an honour indeed!!


  2. With both Lilith and the South Node in my 8th house, this poem really struck a chord with me — it reminded me of how beautifully tormented I used to feel (when I was much younger, of course).

    I really enjoyed this — thanks for sharing such an amazing talent.

  3. Hi LB

    Thank you for sharing your insights and for your comments on Lilith. The poem has many different meanings for me and I used myth and personal experiences and feelings in writing it. I agree on those “beautifully tormented” times, sometimes when young and sometimes not so young ;P

    Carole Bone

  4. Hi just came across your blog and have been browsing around some of your entries and just wondering why you selected a WordPress site dont you find it impossible to do anything with? Been thinking about starting one.

  5. Hi Dale

    glad you’ve found my blog – do drop by again! You may notice that I have tried to keep my site clear, uncluttered and easy to navigate. I like WordPress and find the support excellent.


  6. Lilith and the Secret of Tones

    The ancient lore speaks of Lilith the foul
    Sweet Sumerian, screeching night owl
    Seeking dames of a feather
    Casting sound spells, flocking together

    Misty sirens hear them sing
    We hear them all as our ears ring
    Some of us fall upon the rocky beach
    Some to flight beyond ocean’s reach

    Mirror, mirror, oh mirror ball
    Who is the fairest of them all?
    Oh, but Sarah, lovely princess pure
    Her voice the clearest, most dearest lure

    In the rhyme of time, Lilith flies
    Again and again reborn in disguise
    Soft, gentle, as if to further
    Something hidden within her worth her

    The dream, the hope, the bidden foe
    All man’s glory in the glow
    Yet watch, for there is a chance of slight peace
    As in McDonald’s tome of a beast

    Oh better the whole story be told
    And everyone be wiser, young and old
    Watch, listen, feel the bold tone
    You will be the rock…. or turned to stone

    Stoned by Medusa, she herself did call
    Her names were many before the fall
    Adam’s first, or was it the moon’s child?
    Tugged along tide, wet with ocean’s smile

    Was she neutral with the angel’s Holy Grail
    Or quite complicit with Samael’s tale?
    Templars have wondered for generations past
    To the present, the future, a reciprocal impasse

    Androgyny’s children, the touch of orphan’s saint
    Giving solace to those fumbling in ecstatic faint
    Alchemic swirls of the aqua permanence
    The philosophers gem surfacing to dance

    Where is the treasure lost, hidden now-
    Off the coast, in Oak Island’s frothy maw?
    Even Lilith knows not where
    The White Lady of Rosslyn keeps her chair….

    In Rosslyn’s castle, and Holy Chapel Choir
    Drifts the tone in stone of everyone’s desire
    Played in the mist, along River Esk’s glen
    Old Scotland, New Scotland, she taunts all men

    With a treasure, it never fails to mesmerize
    If one whispers just right by truth to wise
    Some even say Lilith herself will appear
    As the holy light, St Clair, so clear

    Oh, but that may be the forgone illusion
    The lighted law that leads to delusion
    The cup that is full but never doth flows
    Drawn in and out, pretending to glow

    Aye, careful then, watch and learn
    Forever her rhymes twist to turn
    When you believe a part of you
    Begs to love all…. of her crystal blue

    Thanks, A Templar. I have passed your comment to Carole for her response. Anne

  7. Love this. Each verse drew me in deeper. I was especially taken with the verse that ends with, “like iron hand in velvet glove”. Congrats to Carole Bone and thanks, Anne, for the introduction!

  8. Thank you Book Peeps – delighted you enjoyed it, the dark goddess archetypes are not as popular as some other feminine archetypes but ohhhh so rich I think.


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