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Today is a special day. At 12.30 GMT, Aries fire kicks off the first New Moon of the new solar year. This is a great month to focus some fiery energy on lively departures from normal routines. We are off tomorrow to Totnes in Devon, to spend a week in old hippy heaven in the West of England, UK.

(We didn’t get there! Check out The summer of disruption starts here: Jupiter and Uranus team up! )

Not wishing to leave my many “Writing from the Twelfth House” fans bereft of new input during this of all weeks, I had a brainwave. I would check out my stats for the year, and feature your top six favourite posts for the solar year just past.

Here they are! I am happy with the result, since it affirms my original decision to set up a site which covers not just astrological themes, but  is aimed at informing, inspiring, encouraging and entertaining…..”those writers and readers who share my preoccupation with questions of mystery, meaning, pattern and purpose.” Your top six favouritesspan the range. That pleases me!

Enjoy the reads, tell me what you think, and don’t  forget to read the PS  at the end….


On Writing

Not the Astrology Column


Favourite Quote: “This being human” by Rumi

The life changers: Neptune, Uranus and Pluto cross the IC

Book Review : “The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos” by Brian Swimme


Mysterious Mercury

and PS….it’s nearly that Mercury Retrograde time again….

The Mercury Retrograde periods for 2010 are:

Retro 17/04/10, Direct 11/05/ 10.

Retro 20/08/10, Direct 12/09/ 10.

Retro 10/12/10, Direct 30/12/ 10.

There’s a brilliant new article on creative ways of dealing with those tricky times thrice yearly when the planet Mercury APPEARS to be going backwards in the sky, and matters communicative go awry :

check out writer Jodi Cleghorn’s advice at

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