Jupiter/Uranus in Aries June 2010: the wild ride begins!

As  we nervously await the impact of the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn/Pluto energy field, I think we could do well to adopt the attitude evinced by research participant ‘Sherry’ to me in her recent comment:

“….I am looking forward to the upcoming transit and wondering what surprises are in store for me this year….. I am hoping for the best but prepared for a bumpy ride….”

(What follows is an extract: to read the full version of this article, third in the “Back to the Future” series on the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions of 2010/11, click HERE)

Astrological knowledge is indeed double-edged: I have discussed this duality in previous articles, which have generated considerable interest and provided me with a new ‘generation’ of 2010/11 Jupiter/Uranus researchees, following on my study of the lives of 17 subjects during the 1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius. But I feel it is more helpful than otherwise to have some advance warning of our movement into, and through, a tempestuous energy field which promises disruption collectively and individually – but also open us up to possibilities for growth as yet unknown….we need to be humble in the face of these great forces, recognising that there is only so much we can do to prepare for them.

Uranus moves into Aries on 28th May 2010.

The Jupiter/Uranus in Aries ‘touchpaper’ of 8 June 2010 sets off the complex, resistant but explosive firework of  the Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Pluto energy field, with peaks in June and July 2010 as the inner planets move through, creating a Grand Cross pattern. The lunar eclipse late in June at 5 degrees Capricorn, and Mars late in July crossing 0 Libra, powerfully trigger off the conjunction point again:


 8.6.10 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries - set on the Natural Zodiac
8.6.10 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries - set on the Natural Zodiac


It is probably a fair assumption to make that inner tensions are going to be high for us researchees, as the demands of the old order versus the new battle it out at an inner level, and at an outer level as far as our life circumstances and relationships with others are concerned. I see the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction as the catalyst in the overall pattern, for breaking down resistance to change and releasing flows of entirely new energy.

It is also vital to remember that we are each tiny sparks in the overall light of our solar system. So  – “as above, so below”. We can learn a great deal about what to expect personally by observing the turbulence of the world around us geographically, politically, socially, spiritually and scientifically, realising that we researchees will be manifesting tiny surges of that same overall energy field.

We can see this already. A small personal example will suffice. Ian and I have Mars at 1.5 Cancer/2.5 Capricorn respectively. When the Icelandic volcano erupted – fire surging through ice! – we were two of the many thousands of air travellers sitting at home gazing mournfully at our luggage instead of flying off on holiday. On 15th April 2010 we were under the impression we were flying to Devon, England, UK. On 17th April 2010, we set out in the opposite direction by car to the island of Iona in the Scottish Hebrides.

This total change of goal was not accomplished without a great deal of disappointment, stress, tension and anger (Aries….). But in the end we let go of all that, and had a really good, refreshing time in a place of great spiritual peace (Pisces….) And drank some very nice wine!

So – watch your anger levels, try not to take it out on those around you (also my advice to myself!), realise that certain circumstances are going to arise which will be outwith your control. Adapt – fast. Get used to feeling dazed and somewhat shocked. Try to free yourself from bonds you know are destructive – if you don’t, life is liable to provide that impetus from the left field….


For my 1997 research, I set a tight observational orb of 4 -7 degrees  Aquarius (the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction fell at 5 deg 55 mins Aquarius) – only taking on researchees who had relevant planets, Angles or Nodes between 4-7 degrees, and only noting world events during times when Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, Saturn, Pluto – and, between early April 1999 and January 2002, Neptune – moved through that band. (Read all about it in “Jupiter Meets Uranus”!)

However, informal contacts subsequently with people whose relevant planets etc had been anywhere from 0 deg to 10 deg Aquarius, but who had still had a disruptive and changeful year, suggested to me that I should set a wider observational orb for the 2010/11 conjunctions.

I have done this: starting watching closely from the end of March 2010, when Jupiter was applying 10 degrees away from Uranus (17 and 27 Pisces respectively), I will declare the project closed in mid-March 2011, when Jupiter will be separating from Uranus by 10 degrees (11 and 0 degrees Aries respectively). At that point, I will probably have had more than enough of it all – and want to retire from watching Jupiter/Uranus forever!

I am very much aware that the powerfully disruptive Uranus/Pluto square will  only be getting into its stride by then. But there is a specific quality to Jupiter/Uranus times, which I have already defined in  earlier articles on this topic, which makes the year from March 2010-2011 very much worth watching.

Using this wide orbital range, there have been a string of world events already fitting the Jupiter/Uranus template in combination with Saturn and Pluto since the end of March 2010.


To name a few:

the death of 96 members of the Polish ruling class in a plane crash, political upheavals in Burma, Obama’s Health Bill signed into law, nuclear missiles reduction treaty between Russia and USA,

major Chinese earthquake, Icelandic volcano eruption disrupting world flight traffic at a level never known before, huge undersea oil leak after rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico,

Large Hadron Collider worked this time!, NASA has unveiled stunning images of our Sun from a new satellite designed to predict disruptive solar storms, on 27 April there was an announcement that the biggest ever telescope was going to be built in the Atacama Desert to enable us to see farther into the cosmos than we have ever seen before. Oh yes, and our greatest living scientist UK’s Stephen Hawking is about to present a TV series advising us on how to go about communicating with aliens….in a word, don’t!…

Going by my and Ian’s recent experiences, all you researchees out there have probably begun to have life disruptions of an unforeseen and novel kind. Keep those seatbelts buckled. The wild ride has just begun!

ps don’t forget to keep taking notes, and report in to Ground Control (ie this site) now and then. Good luck!!


Jupiter Meets Uranus
Jupiter Meets Uranus

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14 thoughts on “Jupiter/Uranus in Aries June 2010: the wild ride begins!

  1. I have a Mid Heaven of 3 Aries, so I am nervously eyeing the conjunction. I have no fire in my chart to get me through with confidence. However, when Uranus went over my Mars in Aquarius I moved in with my husband. I had dreaded that transit for years. We had been unable to find a place in which to cohabit before that time. I didn’t hurt myself. It was a lot of work moving the Cancerian accumulations. I got rid of immense amounts of stuff. Perhaps my dreadful antibiotgic will have great results and I will become a flaming Lyme Disease activist. Ojalá! Would be nice. Not that nice is a word to connect with all this.

  2. Hi Anna

    I hope you are joining us intrepid researchers – out there shaking our fists at the planetary powers
    (Aries) or hiding in our ocean caves with plentiful supplies of intoxicants(Pisces)! Keep us posted….

  3. I stumbled upon your site by chance and read your article. I am more interested to know what exactly will happen on December 21st 2012 on the winter solistices when the sun, earth and the milky way would be in alignment. Something that happens once in 25000 years or so thats what Ive heard. It may result into a major Polar shift. Do you feel its possible??? According to astrology and ancient religions like the Mayan, the I Ching etc predict the end of the world. Is that true. I am no researcher just inquisitive about 2012. Could you comment on what exactly would be the happenings??? — Niketo Carloskar…

  4. Hi there Niketo

    thanks for dropping by!

    As a researcher, I am more interested in observation than prediction; but you can check out the following two sites for more comprehensive mundane astrology – http://www.shiftoftheages.com/ – this one talks about the period you have identified, and Theodore White’s excellent blog has much to say about times upcoming – http://globalastrologyblog.blogspot.com/

    As a sceptic ( in the open-minded sense of the word!) it seems to me that the human tendency to predict the end of the world is archetypal, and has been going on for millennia – despite which we are still here!

    Best wishes
    Anne Whitaker

  5. Having reached the grand age of 55, I am not so excited by the coming jupiter/uranus conjunction as at the same time, I still have Pluto squaring my sun and just about squaring my moon also early Aries (!!) and Saturn sitting in opposition to them… 1969, my father died abruptly / unexpectedly, 1983 saw the start of several years of recovery from deep depression, 1997 I became homeless with my young daughter for 3 months at the heart of the winter… and so… 2007 redundancy and despite grafting through in that decade which saw me achieve a Doctorate (against the odds) start work as a researcher, lose my job, find another, lose it again… this time, I am not been able despite continuous dedicated efforts to return to work… poverty trap has now come to sit on my door step…. I am holding out… hoping but getting very drained mentally, emotionally and physically…. I am free-spirited and positive… a good Aries ..my natal chart set just after a new moon, arbor the pattern of a cross: Venus (in Aquarius) opposite Pluto (leo) squaring Saturn (scorpio) opposite Mars (Taurus). Life has been a continuous determine effort to overcome the limitations and hurdle facing me. In a sense, I feel I have achieved a great deal, in others, I am still at ground zero: Difference? This time, for the first time, I have NO idea in what direction to go. Blank slate.. I am here and now. I, who always worked out a plan, have none. I cannot think anymore, I am emptied. I just know that I need to work to survive. All the rest .. luxury.

    1. Dear Michele

      thank you for your very honest comment – and for affirming that astrological knowledge wounds as well as heals….check out this latest post which deals amongst other things, with that uncomfortable fact….http://jupitermeetsuranus.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/uranus-enters-aries-may-28-sky-falls-in-yes-no-or-merely-maybe-part-two/ – and for this feedback re what tough experiences astrological cycles can symbolise. I wish you well – as I feel confident do my many readers, who will see your post. With all good wishes Anne

  6. Thank you Ann. I followed the URL and read… let me update you on 28 May, 3pm UK time – my date of birth is 24/03/1955 in France… and the surprise of my reply is that it will connect to the start of the processing of the data from the Large Hadron Collider in some ‘quirk of destiny or fate’…. at least at a conjecture. And here is what happened to me on May 28, 2010.
    …. Uranus entering Aries close to my Sun and Moon – Jupiter opposition to Saturn, the old structures and infrastructures transformed by pioneering science and technology .. the leap into the future….. Here is the ‘early Aries’.. who on that day, also a full moon in Sagittarius had a telephone interview called by a pioneering Pan-EU network company for a job as a partner relations officer for this 3rd generation network (leading technologically) not only in its configurations and platforms but on the research that it enables e.g.pioneering data processing in projects like particle physics for example, and in this instance this is directly related to the provision of the network that is enabling the date of the Large Hadron Collider referenced in the link that you posted in reply to my comment… I had to report this! In 1999, after completing my Doctorate in Science and technology Policy / technology innovation management, I started a job on the Internet, strategies, and innovation in its technology platform and services. In 2002, I faced my first spell of redundancy at the end of a fixed-term… Since then, I have not gone back to ‘the Internet’… I have worked in different aspects of technology innovation. On May 28, it was as if I was hit by a ‘truck’ from the back, all be it in a positive manner, with this part of my professional history (that I thought had been ‘classified’ to the past)… I did a good interview and I hope they call me for the second interview which would be due to be scheduled between the 7 – 11 of June 2010. I should know by the end of this week. I enjoyed this phone interview for the 1st time in 3 years of grinding at a few projects here and there, seeking a new path that would project me into the future if I may say! I boosted my self-esteem as I felt competent and relevant, and showed that I had still a lot to offer and not just to ‘any job’. The job would temporarily be a side step and transition for me, but it could be a world in which I can trace a path. However, my age is a bit against me compared to my competitors in new technologies, while my specific background and linguistic skills are a significant asset in a European context. I thought I should report this…. the unexpected…

  7. Hi Michele

    this is fantastic feedback – both from a research point of view, and also for a strong indication of what hopefully may be a turnaround in your personal circumstances. If you want to join our research, do let me know your birth time and place,(it’s on your Birth Cert in France) and email address – info@anne-whitaker.com will find me. Best wishes for interview 2!

  8. Hello Anne,
    Well, I’m seeing the effects of the transits all around me, but not so much in my personal life…yet. Perhaps this will come at the time of the lunar eclipse or Mars in Libra. I have put serious effort into maintaining my composure and trying to think carefully before I act (or speak, lol), so as not to unleash that disruptive energy directly into my personal sphere. My life is going well, I am employed in a job I love, I am grateful for everything I have but I don’t believe I am overly attached to any one thing…(I have concerns about being overly attached and having it “ripped” away from me.) I am very analytical and do my best to circumvent the potential before it hits me over the head, so to speak. I have begun to study mundane astrology a bit more than usual; however, I think that may simply be because of the multitude of transits that are forthcoming.
    One thing…about 2 weeks ago, I did spend nearly an hour writing a comment to your site only to have it disappear when I submitted it…okay, I’m persistent, so I spent another hour writing it again and that one was also lost in transition…decided that perhaps I wasn’t supposed to disclose the information and gave up…tonight I will copy this post before clicking submit, LOL! Primarily I was commenting about my previous experiences during the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions. I read your bio and was intrigued about the parallels we share. (Learned astrology at the same time, interest in the same career path, etc. very interesting). I thought you might be interested in my chart as a whole, so I am including my birth data with this post:
    6:31am (11:31am UT)
    Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, USA
    Anyway, I will stay in contact and keep you posted when I have that “big bang”!

  9. Just wanted to mention one more thing…I know this isn’t related to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction but astrology is a study of all transits, so thought this might be helpful to someone. Saturn entering Libra (back and forth since fall 2009) I notice I am unusually tired…exhausted actually. It is in close orb, conjuncting my sun and ascendant. I think I could literally sleep 15 hours a day and still wake up tired. But on a positive note, I have been able to accomplish a great deal at work…keeping current on a caseload that other employees find impossible. This has given me great satisfaction and places me in a valuable position with my agency. (I’m a Child Protective Services Investigator with a Social Services Agency). Just food for thought.

  10. Hi Sherry

    really pleased to have you on the team! And thank you for your interesting posts including the advice to us hotheads trying to channel that Jupiter/Uranus upsurge creatively – “I have put serious effort into maintaining my composure and trying to think carefully before I act (or speak, lol)….”

    We do indeed have vocations in common – and I too have had the experience of having posts ‘eaten’, re-doing them, and it happening again. Now, I copy all posts before pressing the ‘submit’ button…

    Here is the latest post on my ‘Jupiter meets Uranus’ site which amongst current affairs commentary, pays tribute to my band of researchees. Thanks again for joining!


  11. Hi Sherry

    I think Jupiter/Uranus triggering both our charts has made you able to read my mind! I have been thinking of starting a research file for collecting collective and cosmic events during the observational year of March 10 – Feb 11 which resonate with the Jupiter/Uranus energy field, and which are ‘picked up’ both by members of the research team and by interested supporters of the research project in general – and here you are, contributing to it before I even ask…. thanks for this interesting item which I will use as the start of the file. It’s great to have this help.

    When I did the research for the 1997 conjunction year, I had stacks and stacks of newspaper cuttings. But building a file of brief summary sentences accompanied by a Web link as you have done, strikes me as a more efficient way of doing things. I shall post your comment and this reply over on the

      Jupiter Meets Uranus site

    , and hope that other readers will pick up on our exchange and send in links from time to time.

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