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Mild anarchy about town……

Every so often I am reminded of why I like my adopted home city of Glasgow, Scotland, UK so much. Recently, as I strolled around wondering who on earth was capable of winning the UK election, I came across the following highly visual statements.The first one is a bit rude so if you are very sensitive, look at it with your eyes shut.

When I had finished falling about laughing, out came my mobile phone. Here are the pics :


Do you agree?

Do you agree?



Extreme Knitting

Extreme Knitting

If these profound images trigger any ( printable) thoughts you feel inspired to share, please do!


Uranus into Aries 28 May 2010 – a new cycle arrives!

It will be back to what passes for ‘normal service’ on “Writing from the Twelfth House” in June: the usual eclectic mix with astrology as a rich strand in the weave. However, I thought I’d link you in to one of my other sites in honour of the new cycle about to begin: the seven-year residence of the most rebellious, left field planet in the Zodiac, Uranus, in the first sign of Aries. The Sun crossing into the Northern Hemisphere at the first point of Aries around 20-25 March each year signifies the fresh start of Spring. So it is symbolically with this new cycle of Uranus in Aries. Impatient, aggressive, new, left-field energy is about to enter the global weave. eg in the UK, politics have their Spring moment with an entirely unexpected Tory/Liberal Democrat coalition and two new young party leaders. How will they perform? No one knows as yet. Fasten your seat belts,world.

It sure won’t be dull!

Uranus enters Aries May 28, sky falls in: Yes, no….or merely maybe? Part Two