Astrological help – from The Beyond! by guest writer John Townley

One of the delights and privileges of being a 21st century astrologer is the ease of making links of friendship, support and learning through the Web. This is how I “met” master astrologer John Townley, who with his wife Susan runs one of the Web’s most lucid, intelligent and wide ranging astrology sites : ASTROCOCKTAIL.

During our conversation earlier this year – concerning the difficulty of synthesising and presenting perspectives from science, spirituality and the paranormal within a cultural phase dominated by the reductionist paradigm – John sent me a number of links to articles he had written over the years. I was knocked out by the one I am happy to present as the Guest piece this month.

This article is a treat for anyone of an open-mindedly sceptical bent, for anyone who enjoys a great story – but especially for astrologers. How often do we have our colleagues reach out to us with helpful information for a current problem, not from across the Web, but from beyond the grave?

Says John: “Back in the middle ’70’s I was privileged to enjoy a series of remarkable events which quite altered my opinion of the presence of the dead among the living……” Read on, and enjoy

‘Professor Seward’s Foray from the Beyond’ by John Townley

John Townley
John Townley

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4 thoughts on “Astrological help – from The Beyond! by guest writer John Townley

  1. Love it – the more so as the good Prf. Seward kept his gifts hidden behind the public image, and had an eye out for John! With friends like that…..

    ……concerning the difficulty etc, perhaps theres a lesson here in ‘publish and be damned’ – step into the void and say it as it comes I say, and who knows who will come to our aid (providing we ditch that 25% – a nod, or headbut, to the reductivists)

    thanks John and Anne

  2. HI Rob

    thanks for your support here – yes, as you know having read some of
    “Wisps from the dazzling darkness – a sceptic’s take on paranormal experience”
    – I have gone ahead this year and done just that. And John's writing on that topic is informed by a greater breadth and depth of experience than mine. Do have a browse round ASTROCOCKTAIL and you will find much of great interest there.
    Hope OWLMIRROR is doing well: I have given you a link.

  3. from Maureen LoCascio, on Facebook, 16.11.10:

    Ok Ann, now I am really going to write about my message from beyond! It will blow you away! It was from a reading from John Edwards, don’t know if you have heard of him? He used to have a TV show in the US. I’m on vacation for thanksgiving holiday next week, maybe then!

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