Chase the Higgs – or zap a pigeon?

Some of my readers are bound to have noticed that I have a new hobby. It’s a great distraction from the daily climbing out of the permanent snowdrift currently blanketing Scotland – I exaggerate, but not that much!

Having abandoned my resistance to social networking in recent weeks, I am now attempting to be joined at the hip to the whole cyber-world – now I really AM exaggerating….

My very able and savvy assistants in this quest have been John, Craig and Angelo at the AppleMac shop in Glasgow, Scotland UK  (no, I don’t get paid for the PR – yet….)

Today’s fun was exploring, to enable me to share mind-broadening, inspiring and entertaining material from across the Web with my readers at “Writing from the Twelfth House”.

How about this for a brilliant cartoon, illustrating a fantastic article by Dan Satterfield at  Dan’s Wild Science Journal?  Enjoy the cartoon, and follow the link below it. Accessible science is what I hunt for……this is it!


Catch the Higgs - or a pigeon?
Catch the Higgs - or a pigeon?


“……That is why the Large Hadron Collider was built. To find the Higgs, IF it’s there to be found. Peter Higgs may be wrong, but so far everything the theories of the worlds greatest scientists have come up with say it should be there. The Higgs theory led to the predictions of two other particles, and they HAVE been found……”

Neil deGrasse Tyson: “50/50 Odds the LHC Will Discover the Higgs Boson”

Posted by Dan Satterfield


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  1. Dear Susannah

    my greetings are warmly returned to you and yours. I am just about to post an atmospheric winter picture from my local area with a Festive Greetings post to my merry band of readers. Thank you so much for all your support this year and blessings to you for the year ahead!

    Anne x

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