“Dazzling Darkness” – job done!

“Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness:a sceptic’s take on paranormal experience”

is now published in full, after appearing as a serial for most of 2010. The memoir has been laid out in a form which is easily accessible for people who wish to ‘dip in’ to the various true stories, as well as for those who wish to read the whole book.

It has been important to me that I have told those stories, partly to ‘make peace’ with many very unsettling experiences for which the contemporary reductionist paradigm has no satisfactory explanation. As a stubbornly sceptical (in the open-minded sense of the word!) rationalist, whose spiritual life and occasional but persistent paranormal experiences did not retreat as a result of being ignored, I finally decided that the way forward was openness.

Carl Gustav Jung 

Carl Gustav Jung

“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”


To ‘dip in’ to the memoir, or read it in full, click HERE

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