Spring 2011 and The Big Picture: what Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions may reveal

Spring Equinox: 20.3.2011
Spring Equinox: 20.3.2011

This is a stunning chart. The North Node in the ninth house straddles the Galactic Centre, closely conjunct the Capricorn MC. Pluto also conjunct the MC, rides high in the chart in the tenth house. To me this suggests that our world community is pushing towards a new vision, forged in a realism which has been forced to recognise the need (which now must be obvious to all but the most obtuse and escapist of us) for re-structuring the way we conduct ourselves in relation to our roots and origin: Cancer, Mother Nature herself.

The ruling planets of both IC and MC, Moon and Saturn, are conjunct in the seventh house. This points to the necessity for discipline, realism and persistent hard work in collective partnerships with our fellow humans if we are ever to achieve a world order which is not rooted in planetary degradation which ultimately threatens to get rid of us – the most brilliant, most destructive species ever to have colonised planet Earth(as far as we know!).

Will this restructuring be orderly, calm and measured? Absolutely not! No less than seven cardinal planets, four of them in fiery Aries in the first house, reinforce the current sense of angry urgency for taking new initiatives which is palpable across many levels of our human community this Spring of 2011.

The Sun of the year exactly conjuncts Uranus. Many astrologers will be pointing out that the turbulent and high-focus first/tenth house Uranus/Pluto square, not exact until 2012/15, is likely to bring major turmoil and upheaval, violence, bloodshed, death of old structures and fiery birth of the new – and out of all that, a new order in the world. Extraordinary events across the Middle East in recent weeks, and Japan yesterday,  testify to these beginnings.

This is the first square of those two planets since the 1965/6 conjunction at the heart of the revolutionary 1960s. The American and French revolutions of the latter part of the 18th Century – 1776 and 1789 – took place at key stages of the Uranus/Pluto cycle which began in 1720, with that conjunction reflecting the the turbulent birth of the Agrarian and Industrial revolutions in Europe, a process which was ultimately to change the entire world.

There is, and will continue to be, much informed and wide-ranging commentary on these changes, briefly sketched above by way of introduction, emerging from our astrological community. My own particular interest is in the 2010/11 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, potentised by its square to Pluto, which is so powerfully placed in the first house of this Spring Equinox chart, set for Greenwich, England – the locus for Greenwich Mean Time.

Jupiter/Uranus – the Big Picture

Jupiter/Uranus is now settling into a new 14-year cycle, continuing with its ancient symbolic task of seeing no limits as it challenges old frontiers and reveals startling new vistas of experience and discovery. As a human community, we have begun a new voyage into the Unknown. Comfort and security are never key features of such voyages….

In 2009 I had a book published called “Jupiter Meets Uranus” which explores the conjunction in detail, presenting original research on the impact of the 1997 conjunction both individually and collectively as well as setting Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions in their mythological and historical context.

I have also created an archive of articles and research focusing on the 2010/11 conjunction. Anyone wishing to explore Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions in depth will find the archive and book details at www.jupitermeetsuranus.wordpress.com.

In this series of posts, I want to show what a particular perspective on Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions can reveal about the Big Picture in this rapidly changing world of ours, where, in the poet Tennyson’s words:

“The old order changeth, yielding place to new…..”.

(The historical perspective I will be presenting reflects my Western education! I do not have a full enough grasp of the timelines of Eastern history and culture to be confident in commenting thereon.)



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8 thoughts on “Spring 2011 and The Big Picture: what Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions may reveal

  1. Hi Anne – been out of the comment loop for a while, but, want to say thankyou again for your continuing work – looking forward to the Big Picture here, so much a concern for us all as the field vibrates with increasing intensity, and this is one of the reasons I find your respected and experienced insights so valuable, as well as the entire team at work here, so thankyou to you all – within the astrological community I am finding there are some very turned on individuals too, a source of real learning for one who has returned to the fold after a long and eccentric outward orbit, and I certainly count you amongst them – the ground feels more reliable and solid for this, as this small furry creature endeavours to find its own astrological footing again – my initiation into astrology came when I picked up a copy of Liz Greene’s “Saturn : a new look…..” when I was 14 – I did not realise I was in the influence of my first Saturn opposition at the time, so when the book led me towards this realisation, I became hooked and began to trust the stars – what took me away from the art was an aversion to the sometimes punishing exactitude with which the art is practiced, and, being neither scientist nor mathematician by natural inclination or ability (there were no computers to do the calculus then), I felt my own more intuitive sensibility overshadowed – I took another route to try and scratch the insatiable itch of curiousity – I never gave it up entirely, I couldn’t! but, after nearly 40 years ‘out there’ I knew I had to return to base again – yours was the first online site that I touched home in; it was the JU/Ur conjunct that did it, a big thumbs up that it was time, arrived at through pure serendipity, but, unmistakable personal import – I was somewhat timorous a beastie when I first commented here back in August – with the ongoing story of this celestial plan unfolding I have found huge challenges on a personal front, but, it is a soul making journey and I personally have gained huge support from this site through your posts and the wonderful commitment of your collaborators in mirroring back the very real fact that we are all in this together, each in our own way – my wish for you is that the benefits of your work multiply in the best possible way and return to you with great blessings – but, for goodness sakes, make sure you get a good rest at some point! If my means allowed it a bottle of the finest would be on its way to you right now, but, I know this will happen in its own way – R

  2. Dear Rob

    many many thanks to you for this affirming and uplifting comment, just at the point where I can really do with it! I am going to cut and paste the bit about my researchees and send it to them – they have been so generous and persistent in seeing the project though and it is most interesting to see the March 2010-March 2011 summaries beginning to come through. So – it’s great to know that you and your team will be accompanying me and my 10 volunteers on the last leg of this journey.

  3. hello anne.i am sorry i desapear for so long from your great blogs ,but my typing skills have not improved and yet this evening ,i find myself reflecting once more on the awsome and devastating power of theouter planets entering a new sign.i shall never forget the devastating and dramating entrance pluto made when it entered sagittarius in january 1995.Japan experienced a terrible earthquake in Kobe killing thousands.last weekend uranus made a savage entrance in aries inflicting terrible pain and suffering to the people of Japan once more.A textbook entrance with all its intensity,including thenuclear aspect that uranus represents.It had crossed my mind that the use of or intended use of nuclear weapons might become an issue with the recent upheaval in the arab world as anarchy and terrorism can be ,sadly the representations of uranus.With it though will certainly come change.these outer planets beautifully called by howard sasportas.i know i am already going over very well trodden ground but i could not help myself this evening.incedently i am in france right now and would love to catch up on my return. ghislaine

  4. howard sasportas called the outer planets the gods of change.great book too.i needed to add that .thank you.

  5. Hi Ghislaine

    good to hear from you and thanks for this thoughtful and apt comment.

    Before my 2001-8 health crisis caused me to quit astrology teaching, I used to keep a file of images cut from the newspaper front pages following the day of major planetary shifts. The year that Saturn last moved into Pisces, for example, there was a wonderfully stark image of a huge ship beached after a major storm. And when Pluto moved into Sagittarius – the front pages were on fire with terrible images from the Kobe earthquake. That same day, Pope John Paul preached to his biggest audience ever – a million I think – in Manila.

    The planets speak. They have just eloquently spoken again as Uranus entered Aries. But are we listening?

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