Telepathy – who needs an advert?!

As readers of recent posts will know, I resumed my astrology consultancy and teaching practice on 1st May 2012 after a long sabbatical. Taking on my first one-to one student, and preparing to start mentoring her at the end of June, has triggered off memories of  interesting highlights from my previous teaching life. Here is a story which I still find intriguing. (to read more in this vein, check out Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness

After sixteen years of building up work experience in the public sector as a higher education teacher, then social worker, I became self-employed in 1985 and spent the next sixteen years running a private counselling and supervision practice, also working as an astrologer and astrology teacher.

During this latter period, it often used to happen that I would think about a client or a student from whom I hadn’t heard for a while, and they would contact me that or the next day. This happened intermittently, several times a year. I arrived at the point where someone would float into my mind, and I’d think “Ah yes, they’ll be contacting me shortly.” They usually did.

The most vivid example of this type occurred just before the start of one of my BeginnersAstrology classes, in the autumn of 1999.

Ecliptic - the Sun's path as viewed from Earth
Ecliptic – the Sun’s path as viewed from Earth

Astrology’s reference point


On the morning that the class was due to start, I went to photocopy the handouts for that night.There were eight students. However, I was so convinced that someone was going to call at the last minute and ask to join the class, that I did an extra set.

The class was due to start at 4.30 pm. Just after noon, I had a call from a young American woman whose husband was in Scotland doing some studying. She was looking for astrology classes, having seen my details in a magazine. Was I running any?
Yes, the first one starts today at 4.30 pm.”
“I’ll be there!” she replied.

In this way I acquired my ninth student.


Definition of telepathy: “the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas otherwise than by the known senses.” (p 1482, The Oxford English Reference Dictionary, Oxford University Press 1996)

As Stuart Holroyd observes in concluding his entry on telepathy,   “….research….has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that telepathic communication or interaction is a reality. What kind of reality it is, how it relates to other realities, what it implies in the context of  our understanding of nature and human nature, and what it implies for science, which on the whole continues to reject it as an unaccountable anomaly, remain contentious questions.” (‘The Arkana Dictionary of New Perspectives’ published by Arkana (Penguin Books Ltd) 1989, p 172)


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2 thoughts on “Telepathy – who needs an advert?!

  1. As you know, I have a lot of questions and a lot of doubt about much that lies under the rubric “astrology” – but there’s not a question in my mind that telepathy is real. It includes, but is much more than, having a sense that someone is going to phone, and they do.

    Just last week, I had one of “those” experiences. I had stewed around for about two days, trying to find the name of the young peasant girl whose image appears on a piece of American china I have. The decal was also used in Europe, especially on R.S. Prussia pieces. I tried every search terms I could think of. I browsed image libraries. No luck.

    So, I gave up. I cicked on a link to a new blog I’d never read, and there was a lovely entry about a writer, her husband and her dog, living in England. The dog’s name is Tilly – which, of course, is the name of the peasant girl. Her’s is spelled “Tillie”, but who’s going to quibble? As the Bible likes to say, “Ask, and ye shall receive.” 😉

    1. Thanks, Linda. The experience you share here is intriguing. It is also illustrative of that deeper, more oblique kind of exchange which points to an interconnected multi levelled energy field which holds us all. The instance I quoted was offered because it comes within the range of telepathic experiences with which people are most familiar. Here is a link to one which is of a more profound order altogether!

      As regards “astrology” – so much of what is generally thought to describe this subject is gleaned from what appears in the popular press and concerns the shallow, trivialised public mask which is so much derided by reductionists. To appreciate its depth, you need to have the time to steep yourself in the model for a few years! But like all models, it is a framework from which to ask questions and provide explanations from a particular perspective which holds meaning and value for many thoughtful people. Whether it is “true” or not is the challenge one offers to all human mental models through which we continue to attempt to understand the fundamental mystery in which we find ourselves….

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