Sprites in the Park!

Now and then, a flash of magic lights up a day.

As with most days, I was strolling down the long wide path which leads into our local Botanic Gardens, on to the river Kelvin. High wall on the left; low wall on the right,  on which generations of small children have walked at their own special snail’s pace, an adult’s hand preventing them from tumbling the few feet down into the grassy, tree-filled slope leading to another path winding below.

Smiling, I was remembering my youngest nephew as a little boy tottering unsteadily but determinedly along that low wall, throwing monkey nuts to the voracious local grey squirrels……

I heard laughter, shrieks of it, looked down to its source on the lower path, and saw this zany sight:

Sprites in the Park!
Sprites in the Park!

What are you doing?” I yelled to the two Sprites, accompanied by a third, slightly more soberly dressed and carrying a large, serious looking camera. ” You look fabulous! Can I take your picture?” 

“Sure!” they shouted. “Come on down! We’re doing a photo-shoot.” So I jumped over the wall, down amongst the earth and leaves and trees, quite forgetting about my somewhat dodgy knee in my excitement. I took two photos. They were delighted.

“I can do this sort of thing now,” I said, “being in my mad old bat life phase.” And I told them they would be up on a post on my blog this very day. They were even more delighted.

I have no idea who they are. They have no idea who I am. But that moment of joyous, spontaneous friendliness certainly lit up my whole day. I hope it did the same for them….

Sprites and photo-Sprite....
Sprites and photo-Sprite….


300 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2012

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8 thoughts on “Sprites in the Park!

  1. Now that’s the sort of thing that could make a person’s day! There’s a terrific amount of work that went into those costumes – they’re really splendid. And can you imagine what fun it would be to do something like that?

    They put me in mind of Puck, from “A Mid-summer’s Night’s Dream”. Well, or our Renaissance Faires! Everyone loves to dress up!

    1. Thanks, Linda!Yes, it was just wonderful to come upon this little bit of magic. I hope someone they know comes across this post, recognises them, and tells them. But – who knows – they might have been a figment of my imagination,captured on camera with Puck’s help….

    1. Thanks Kris!It might be an idea for some of us to start posting on Joyous Moments…..the older I get, the more I feel the importance of treasuring the textures of each day….and sharing moments such as this one.

      1. It might also be good that some of us start dressing up and playing in the park…and living the moment…thanks for staying in touch.

  2. The costumes are amazing. I love the idea of sprites in the park – a bit like fairies at the bottom of the garden. Definitely able to lift one’s spirits!!

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