Following the Sun – into the Twelfth House

The Twelfth House, amongst many things, is a place of retreat, contemplation….today the Sun entered that place in my horoscope.

I’ve decided this year to honour the shift by having some quiet time…. to contemplate this year of retrogrades: Mars in Virgo from late January to mid April, Venus in Gemini from mid-May to end June – and Mercury in Leo, from mid July until early August – not emerging from its ‘shadow’ period until 22nd August. 

For me, it has been a year of returning: going back to work.

To my old craft, astrology. To re-writing my publicity material, revising and updating this blog, going back to Twitter and applying myself to using it more creatively this time. To re-joining professional organisations. To re-establishing my supervision and most happily, going back to my valued supervisor of twelve years ago. To re-connecting more directly through work with clients and students, to that sense of being in touch with the mysterious order which lies behind all of our lives.

It’s been quite a year! 

I’m sure many of you who read my blog – astrologers or not – will have found that this has been a year very much about re-evaluation, delays,  moving backwards in order to move forward (come the autumn!). I’d be interested to hear about it via comments or emails.

So – enjoy August. Enjoy reading your way through this archive of articles which “Writing from the Twelfth House “ has become. Let me know what you’d like me to write about when I return to regular posting. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed which will still be active.

See you again come September!

Chill out time....
Chill out time….


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4 thoughts on “Following the Sun – into the Twelfth House

  1. I knew there was a cosmic communications problem going on. Too many people were having problems in that area. Thanks for confirming that, and letting me know when I can look forward to communications improving again. As for me. I am re-evaluating both how to write a resume’ and What the heck do I Really want to do with the rest of my life (sigh).

    1. Happy to help,Emaria! and the “what do I want to do with the rest of my life?” question has cropped up for me at important turning points. But you have to live these times forwards – understanding comes backwards – or retrograde, sticking with the theme of this post!

  2. Anne,

    I couldn’t help thinking about Jonah Lehrer as I read this. If you’re not aware of his story, this link provides a good summation.

    Lehrer’s “The Eureka Effect”, an exploration of creativity, was a powerful read for me. I didn’t know much about his career and hadn’t read any of his books, but I really appreciated what he wrote for “The New Yorker”. I still can’t get over his self-plagiarism and fabrications.

    But, he certainly is experiencing retrograde movement in his career. At least he wasn’t too “chicken” to come clean and admit his misdeeds. Like Flannery O’Connor’s famous retrograde chicken, it’s all backward-walking for him just now!

    1. Thanks for this, Linda! Will check out the link. I wonder if we’ll get any more ‘retrograde chicken’ gags – I’m away to lie down with a cup of tea to try and think up one myself……anyone wanting to find out what on earth we are on about should click HERE to find out!

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