Rupert Sheldrake talks about “Science Set Free” (USA) / “The Science Delusion” (UK)

Yes, I know I said I was going into retreat for the rest of August!

But from the said retreat, lurking behind the sofa with a laptop, I found this short video of scientist Rupert Sheldrake talking about his new book

“Science Set Free” (USA) / “The Science Delusion” (UK)

and thought some of my followers might like to take a look.

As those of you dropping by here will know by now, I am as interested in science as I am in esoteric topics – and what I most admire in scientists apart from breadth and depth of knowledge is: open-mindedness, and generosity towards those with whom they may disagree. Rupert Sheldrake is one of those.

What I most dislike is dogmatic dismissal of others’ theoretical positions, knowledge bases or viewpoints, especially if that dismissal is rooted in ignorance of the body of knowledge or subject area which is being dismissed.

Astrologers know all about this!

I’ve now read and very much enjoyed “The Science Delusion” and would highly recommend it. Whom better than the author himself to let you know what it’s about?



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7 thoughts on “Rupert Sheldrake talks about “Science Set Free” (USA) / “The Science Delusion” (UK)

    1. Hi Emaria. Yes, spread the word. The world’s perceptions of itself are slowly changing – and Rupert Sheldrake is one of the people leading that change. It’s a terrific book which I shall be re-reading again over the autumn. My lack of a scientific background has always made my understanding of some wonderful, mind-opening insights from modern science and cosmology hard to grasp. But I keep trying. Maybe I should have done science instead of Latin and Greek at school!

  1. Very occasionally, I’m forced to resort to over-the-top language. This is one of those occasions. I just watched the video, and the first words that crossed my mind (about a third of the way through) were “Holy Bananas!”

    The second phrase that crossed my mind was, “Anthropogenic global warming”. There’s a dogma, for sure. 😉

    And the third thing that crossed my mind was, “I could really have fun sending this to certain people I know”. I may read the book before I start spreading it around. But I really did enjoy the video, and found myself agreeing with him rather more than I imagined I would.

    1. Hi Linda

      it’s a terrific book! And his measured reasonableness throughout is an impressive contrast to some of his scientific colleagues – mentioning no names but perhaps the initials R.D. might ring a bell…..?!

  2. I completely agree with you re. the open mindedness and generosity of spirit of most scientists. I do personally feel that if society as a whole were to take a leaf out of their book it would immediately be a better place. Thanks for this very interesting post!

    1. Thanks Selma! Hope you will get around to reading Rupert Sheldrake’s books – and my personal favourite cosmology book for non-scientists “The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos” by Brian Swimme. It’s wonderful.

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