Let’s talk some sense about Mayan Calendar Prophecies….

This post from last Spring 2012 seems much more relevant  NOW as Winter Solstice 2012 hysteria begins to build….what do you folks out there think of it all?

“…. Have you heard about millenarianism? It is at the root of the current hype about what dire events are supposed to happen at this year’s Winter Solstice, according to the latest versions of Mayan calendar prophecy.

To quote respected historian and astrologer, Dr. Nicholas Campion, from “The Great Year (1994, 331):

“….Millenarianism has been a political force in Europe for almost two thousand years….Its flames have been fanned by social and economic dislocation, but its militant power has always derived from an ideology that preaches that destruction is necessary before the world can be reborn….”

There have been bouts of millenarianism for a very long time, despite which we are still here. The most recent one occurred at the Millenium –

Anyone remember The Millenium Bug which was going to reap dire havoc worldwide? I seem to recall a Hong Kong taxi driver’s meter going a bit wonky after midnight, but that was about it.

And here we are, as the world goes through one of its periodic bouts of more turmoil than usual, at it again.

Mayan Calendar
Mayan Calendar


It is only March and I am already getting rather fed up of being asked whether I think the world is going to come to an end at the Winter Solstice. My answer is usually that I doubt that very much. But then no-one knows anything for sure, not even Richard Dawkins……

This morning, having a trawl around the Net, I found this very sensible, very erudite, very detailed and very LONG article by astrological historian and Mesoamerican Astrology researcher Bruce Schofield, PhD.

His trenchant comment is that 21st December 2012 ” is most likely going to just be another Friday full of last minute Christmas shopping….”

To read the full article and become fully informed for your future discussions with your local Prophets of Doom, click below:

“Fear-Driven Doomsday Rant Has Badly Misinformed the Public”.

(many thanks to Mary Plumb and this week’s Mountain Astrology Blog for including a link to this article) ….” ( March 13 2012 ) 

UPDATE 13.12.2012:  Mary Plumb has her own thoughtful reflections on the Mayan Calendar issue in this week’s Mountain Astrology Blog


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4 thoughts on “Let’s talk some sense about Mayan Calendar Prophecies….

  1. I love the last paragraph and the man’s quote from the movie Mary saw: “Sprinkle some spirituality into whatever you do; be a sane person in this insane world.” I see Dec. 21, 2012 as a significant end/beginning, but I believe the changes coming are more internal to humankind than specific external events. If we keep spreading love and calm in the center of chaos,there will be enough positive energy to put us over the wave of chaos into new creation (the promise of the Uranus in Aries side of the current Uranus-Pluto square).

    Yesterday I had breakfast with an astrologer friend who told me she had heard told (probably channeled) the information that it only takes 7,000 “lightworkers” to shift consciousness on the planet. That’s not that many! So it’s up to those of us, who have been training our whole lives for these turning-point times, to keep up the good work and to know it’s no longer a rehearsal. Our time has come to make a difference from the inside out, how all change really happens, anyway … but like a seed germinating, we don’t see it till it sprouts up through the ground as accumulated growth.

  2. Well, I must confess I’ve not kept up with anything but the very broadest outlines of all this. So, I did the only reasonable thing – I did a google search for the question, “What is supposed to happen 21 December 2012?” My goodness. There are a lot of strange things being talked about out there!

    Truthfully, this is the sort of thing I don’t worry about at all. If the Universe hits the Big Delete Key and we all get poofed – well, that’s that. I can’t prepare for that, can’t predict it and wouldn’t even want to know about it if it was going to happen.

    If something cosmic but partial were to come along, like a little fire-flood-pestilence combo, it probably wouldn’t be pleasant, and I might not want to be around. But I’d figure that out at the time.

    Right now, my biggest concern is that December 20 is the last day for mailing parcels with a guarantee they’ll arrive by Christmas. Now, THAT is something to worry about!

    1. Yes, as you will have gathered by my own tone here, I’m not inclined to take any of the hype seriously either. We have had periodic bouts of this kind of thing for millennia, seem hard-wired for it. No doubt the world will stagger on in its seemingly increasingly unbalanced way, much as it always has but with various hazards major and minor enhanced by our vast technological sophistication (severely out of whack with our apparently very limited collective emotional intelligence….)

      Good luck with the parcels! Now, I’m off over for a browse round your seasonal musings….

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