ask an astrologer a question….

….and who knows what the answer will be!

Astrologers are always being asked questions. By clients. By students. By interviewers for various media outlets. By open-minded members of the public. By closed-minded-members of the public. By one’s friends and family. The list is endless, the questions multifarious, the answers….? Well, that depends….

If you want to find out, drop by The Mountain Astrologer Blog, where I am guest blogger this week, presenting several of the most typical questions asked of me over the years – and some of my answers. Enjoy!

And – for those of you who have not yet discovered it,

The Mountain Astrologer

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Feb/Mar 2013

Highlights of this issue:

  • Silent Spring and a Frankenstorm Fall
  • Beyond Compatibility: What Really Makes Relationships Work
  • Preparing for a Relationship Analysis Consultation
  • Pluto, Uranus, and the Financial Crisis Part II: Collapse in the West?
  • Fortune and Spirit: Reclaiming Astrology’s Lost Archetypes
  • The Centaurs Part 2: Okyrhoe….and more
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4 thoughts on “ask an astrologer a question….

  1. Your posts invariably make me wish I were thirty years younger, with time enough to learn astrology properly. Then you toss in two of my favorites, Swimme and Tarnas, and I’d like an extra fifty years!

    1. Well, Nan, my oldest student was eighty-one when she fetched up at a one-week astrology intensive for Beginners I ran in 1990. She studied with me for several years after that, loved her astrology and was a delight to have in class. (Interestingly, she and I shared a 9 Virgo Ascendant….) So – what’s stopping you??

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. Much of your entry at “The Mountain Astrologer” was completely beyond me, of course, but I did take note of your comment that someone beginning to read their own chart never should use it as a way to avoid personal responsibility.

    I had to search for a while, but I found a related tidbit in my archives, from a comment I made fully five years ago in relation to writing. I said, “Pay less attention to yourself than to what is outside you and if you must write about yourself, get a good distance away and judge yourself with a stranger’s eyes and a stranger’s severity.”

    As you say, complete objectivity is an impossibility. But we can try!

    1. Well, Linda, I’ll turn you into an astrology student yet……!

      Yes, I very much agree with you re writing about oneself. Adding to the points you make, an additional guide for me is not to do it unless it’s for the purpose of reaching out from my experience to make a link to the common themes there are in all our lives, thereby enhancing an overall sense of interconnectedness, and supporting our individual and collective ability to survive life’s challenges and grow through them. And of course the teacher in me likes to share experience just for the sheer fun and possible education there might be in what I offer out.

      I’m going to put a link through to this exchange between us from “The Mountain Astrologer”’s blog comments, so that your brilliant writing can be enjoyed by a few more fans!

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