2 thoughts on “Read a bus timetable? No chance ….

  1. I did enjoy the piece, although that isn’t my particular problem. I can find my way around pretty well, partly because I have a sharp sense of N,S, E and W, and the ability to relate the directions to a map. (No doubt so many years of working outdoors, sailing and such has helped to develop this.)

    I think I have a variant, though. Do you remember those tests where they present you with a “blown up” image of a box, or whatever, and you’re supposed to choose which image represents the thing once it’s put together again? I never could get those. Ever. I think that must be a spatial handicap, too.

    Thank goodness I learned “lefty loosey, righty tighty” at an early age!

    1. Yes, I remember those tests! I was hopeless at them too in that I always saw something fanciful which the testers hadn’t thought of. The curse/blessing of an overactive imagination….

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