Miscellaneous Mercurial Mayhem!

Capricious Mercury
Capricious Mercury

In the spring, summer and autumn/winter of each year, the planet Mercury does something strange. It appears to slow down in its orbital pace, stop, then start to move backwards. This is known as retrograde motion. It is of course an illusion. Otherwise, we’d have fallen off the solar system aeons ago.

However, the effects down here on Earth when Mercury is in its 2-3 week retrograde phases are anything but illusory. For years, I studied this phenomenon in my own life, the lives of family, friends, and astrology students. In sum, communications of all types become strangely awkward and hard to manage during those times……

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  1. Well, I hope this won’t impact too severely on moving house back to the ex-marital (no, he’s not there any more!). Is making lists of all the things that I need to do likely to help? Having an image of that gorgeous Mercury will certainly distract me from frustrations!

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