Scottish poet Carole Bone: this time, The Voice!

Here are six new poems by Carole, read by her with her usual panache at a recent poetry reading hosted by Glasgow’s Oxfam Book Shop, Byres Road, in the Autumn of 2013. Do have a listen! Any feedback in the form of comments would be welcome. 

Carole Bone
reads her own poems
Carole Bone

Carole Bone

To see Carole’s bio and her publications list, click

Carole Bone – Bio and Publications

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100 words copyright Carole Bone/Anne Whitaker /2014
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

3 responses to “Scottish poet Carole Bone: this time, The Voice!

  1. Considering the Indiana Jones day I had that day I was surprised to hear that I did not sound toooo bad on this Anne. It is a complete but lovely surprise to me that I actually enjoyed reading my poems. A bit of work needed on expression but then we are all a work in progress. Polishing up the diamond soul takes time I believe…… ;-P Carole xXx


  2. It sure does….! And I hope you’ve enjoyed our ” Carole Bone Season” on ‘Writing from the Twelfth House’. I’ve been gently nudging our other lady poet ( is she reading this, I wonder?! ) to get some of her excellent new work out here, too….


  3. I shall add my nudge and hope that she does 😉


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