Glasgow – towards a Green city: Greener Together Awards 2014

In my previous post on this blog, I wrote:
“Even in the city, in the increasingly hurried pattern of 21st century life, it is possible to maintain a connection to the cycles of the seasons and the rhythms of nature. It’s increasingly recognised that regular contact of this kind is an important component in establishing and maintaining the kind of inner balance and peace that promotes happiness….”

Children's Wood Protest 1
Children’s Wood Protest 1

This has been amply demonstrated in our local community in Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland UK in the last year or so. What a wonderful example The Children’s Wood /North Kelvin Meadow campaign has offered of what can be done to get parents and children out enjoying the Great Outdoors. They truly deserve this award.

Readers – you can do your bit, too, wherever you live across the world. Share this post on your networks, folks! Inspire a community (or several) to get outdoors !!

6 thoughts on “Glasgow – towards a Green city: Greener Together Awards 2014

  1. It’s wonderful news about the Children’s Wood getting recognition! I’d certainly have taken my young sons had it been there when I lived in Clouston Street during the 70s. Great work on the part of all who got this to happen – congratulations, and many thanks.

  2. One very interesting line in the linked article, that “Psychologists have found that changing values can positively change behaviour.” It works the other way, too, and sometimes more effectively. Changing behavior — for example, taking children to a park for physical play rather than allowing them to stay indoors and do whatever — can lead them to value what they haven’t experienced before.

    It’s wonderful to see them getting such recognition — it pleases me so much!

  3. And many thanks to you, Linda, for your consistent support of this campaign whose core values, and actions arising therefrom, don’t just have local relevance here in Maryhill, Glasgow, UK, but apply to the wellbeing of children, parents and Nature worldwide.

  4. Fantastic to see this Anne. In the wood local to me (Cairnhill Wood in Bearsden) I was amazed to find fantastic wood sculptures which have been funded through a green space grant. They are utterly amazing and made me feel like a child in a magic wood – what a gift to the community. Carole xXx

    1. Hi Carole

      many thanks for dropping by. It’s great to know of other green spaces which are being funded for the benefit of the community in different areas of the country. I saw your lovely photos of the sculptures on Facebook and will hereby attempt to post them HERE

      ps. Wow! Succeeded…..can you believe I’ve been blogging for as long as I have, and still have difficulty embedding links in comments? x These are such great pictures….new career in due course?

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