Favourite Quote: …”beyond all image and words”

Feeling very meditative, as I sit three floors up  gazing out at the sun setting over the Kilpatrick Hills on a clear night here in Glasgow (unusual event….!). Thought I’d share a favourite quote, which every time I read it walks me gently into Mystery.

Have a peaceful night, as the month’s energy winds down and  we approach the New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday evening.

New Moon Crescent
New Moon Crescent

“….in this journey of the spirit, I and others still walk that steep uphill road….And all our religious edifices, which serve first as staffs to help us on our way, in the end become crutches which we must discard….And the doctrines which we espouse and which we hold dear are only smooth shining stones which we pick up on the road and place in our baggage. With each new dogma and doctrine, the baggage grows heavier, until we discard these pebbles, one by one, leaving them on the roadside for others to find and carry a little further. And in the end we have need of neither doctrine nor creed, nor to name that which we worship – for it is beyond all image and words….”

 ‘Women in Search of the Sacred ‘ by Anne Bancroft (Penguin Arkana 1996) pp 120-121


200 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Anne Bancroft 2014
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12 thoughts on “Favourite Quote: …”beyond all image and words”

  1. Wow, Anne. This one is a keeper of all keepers–so my experience! I’m not surprised it is attributed to the late, great Anne Bancroft. A totally amazing woman. Thank you for this share that I’ll continue sharing forward. Blessings!

  2. It is a wonderful quotation, and worth some considered thought. But just now I’m logging of because its all thunder and lightning and rain! Oh, we have needed it. I believe I’ll have a glass of wine and just ponder her words until the storm passes. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. ….and in Nature is where I (and I’m sure, many of us) most connect to ” …that which we worship – ….beyond all image and words….”

      Thanks for visiting, Raiana!

  3. Nice…. because as we near the end of our time, the connection to the divine, if we have been searching for it, becomes almost tangible: no tokens or signs needed. Everything around us just shouts of the obviousness of what we have been searching for all along.

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