Festive thanks to Followers, commenters, and friends old and new!

In the bleak Midwinter...
Midwinter…ethereal beauty…

Just having a quiet time of retreat from family chaos (very mild, very welcome!) and reflecting on how much I have enjoyed this particular year at Writing from the Twelfth House. Thanks to everyone for your support of my postings during 2014, and a special thanks to my family of regular commenters. I hope I’ve managed to be inspiring now and then, informative – and entertaining. The tougher the world becomes, the harder we all need to hold fast to the people and experiences that nourish and guide us. Blessings to all who drop by to read my blogs – and every good wish for this Festive Season and the year to follow. 


Photo: courtesy of Margo Cline, shared on Facebook.( Sorry, don’t know who the photographer is to give a well-deserved credit!)

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8 thoughts on “Festive thanks to Followers, commenters, and friends old and new!

  1. I’m nearly to the point of turning off the computer for a bit and finishing preparations for tomorrow, but I did want to take time to say — amen to all that! It’s been a good year, and I’m looking forward to an even better 2015 for both of us. Enjoy the family and festivities — neither can be taken for granted these days.

    1. Hi Linda
      very touched that you have done this at the eleventh hour! Yes, I do hope you and Dixie Rose enjoy family, friends and Festivities too….you are so right about the ‘feel’ of our times – take nothing and no-one for granted. Looking forward to continuing our enjoyable on-line dialogue in 2015!

  2. You’re most certainly inspiring to me Anne, and blessings for all you do, and may this Season bring you joy and peace.

  3. I consider your visits a true gift, both stimulating and grounding in a deeply spiritual sense. I’ll be 72 in eighteen days and, from this vantage point, matters of house number twelve take high priority…. .Thank you and may you and yours be exceedingly well………….. Patricia in Maine USA

  4. Seasons Blessings to you, Patricia, and a very happy birthday when it comes. I appreciate your affirming words re my writing, very much. Feedback from friends both known and unknown is all precious…

  5. It’s a pleasure to follow your blog, Anne. Your posts are always thought provoking and informative. I have especially enjoyed getting to know “Anne” through your stories and articles…wishing you continued blessings in the New Year. Beverley

  6. Many thanks, Bev: my own feelings about both you and your blog as I have got to know both this year, are very similar to yours about me and mine. There is a strong link between us, it seems! All the very best to you, too, in 2015.

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