Guest Post “Better than benefits”…from Miss Lou

I’ve just read this brilliantly written, painfully honest account of what life is like on benefits within the UK benefits system. I know the redoubtable Miss Lou. She used to run one of the best cafes in Glasgow, UK’s West End. She is bright, talented, hard working , and possessed of a truly wicked sense of humour. Do Share this post on Facebook etc. Leave her a comment. She deserves it!

cartoon by Paul F Newman

Writer and Friend at work…

Cartoon: Paul F Newman


2 responses to “Guest Post “Better than benefits”…from Miss Lou

  1. Thanks for sharing Miss Lou’s story…I will definitely read it and leave a comment. Her story is a good reminder that many of us are just one paycheck away from situations similar to hers.


  2. Thanks, Bev. I think Miss Lou is working now, but her description of the many humiliations of being on benefits, especially when you want so much to get off them and working, is so vivid and so honest and hard hitting that it deserves to be widely read.


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