A little flare of magic in the night…

There is, sometimes, magic in the night…this was the scene which lit up my vision and my spirit on the way home last evening. Our local Botanic Gardens in Glasgow is putting on a sound and light show called The Electric Gardens from 23rd January until the 15th February 2015, and those of us returning home were treated to the rainbow delights of a lights rehearsal for free! Enjoy the pictures.

I’ll be back soon!

Magic in the Botanics 2
Magic in the Botanics 1
Magic in the Botanics 1
Magic in the Botanics 2


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6 thoughts on “A little flare of magic in the night…

  1. That’s quite lovely. And how good of them to turn off the streetlight, the better to highlight the colors. It’s like Christmas decorations, only better. Thanks so much for sharing — it’s a truly cold, windy and rainy day here. We’ve had well over two inches of rain,which is good, but it is nasty. A good day for staying inside, huddled around the warmth of the computer!

    1. Well, here I am now, huddled round the warmth of MY computer, after venturing out this morning into a truly filthy wet, thawing day…however, I am going along to enjoy the magic of the lightshow on Wednesday coming – really looking forward to it. If I can do a small video, I shall post it next week. Keep warm, Linda!

  2. I haven’t seen this yet but really must make an effort to do so. The Botanic Gardens are one of my favourite places 😉

  3. We are so fortunate to live right by the Botanocs…off to the Light Show this Wednesday. It’s supposed to be snowing – aaargh !…thanks for your visits, Carole! Much appreciated X

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