Are you a Betsy Bug? Aunt Elner will cheer you up!

Today I feel weary…weary of our unstable climate with – in the West of Scotland – its apparently increasing emphasis on cold and wet. A couple of weeks ago, it was bright and Springlike around here. The snowdrops looked perky and cheery, you got the feeling the crocuses would be poking through at any moment. Well, they have poked through, but they are probably regretting it already…

Don’t know about you, but when I catch myself heading for self-pity, I deliver  a few quick slaps around the head, count a few blessings – then look for a philosophical quote which will put me in my place and cheer me up at the same time. Here is one of my perennial favourites, from that well-known ( -ish) sage, Aunt Elner…it always works for me!  And – enjoy my Aunt Elner-type pics…

Aunt Elner 1
Aunt Elner 1

Betsy Bugs, that’s us….

“ Poor little old human beings – they’re jerked into this world without having any idea where they came from or what it is they are supposed to do, or how long they have to do it in. Or where they are gonna wind up after that. But bless their hearts, most of them wake up every morning and keep on trying to make some sense out of it. Why, you can’t help but love them, can you? I just wonder why more of them aren’t as crazy as betsy bugs. ”

Aunt Elner, 1978

Aunt Elner 2
Aunt Elner 2

(quote from “Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!” by Fannie Flagg)

250 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2015
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5 thoughts on “Are you a Betsy Bug? Aunt Elner will cheer you up!

  1. that is a great way to lighten one’s mood, especially when the weather keeps draping the skies with gloomy cold-weather clouds. i’m glad to live where it rarely gets cold.

    i have many great reality checks.. first, always first, is to remember my nephew with the broken back and to realize how silly i am to grumble over petty discomforts.. and what he would give to have no other worry than that..

    and then i remember when i lost my vision for one day, and i rejoice that i can see.. and then i think of my two sons with red/green clor deficiency, and i am soaring with gratitude that i can see so many colors… and then my thoughts domino in many directions as i count my many blessings.. and then – well, i am levitating about ten feet above ground, where my spirits stay for the remainder of the day!

    sending you pretty weather and sunshine, though – hey- your cold weather has bonuses – like the petite crocus underfoot or the lovely wisteria a bit later in the springtime!

  2. Here’s a tidbit that ought to interest you, whether or not it cheers you. Since coming home from Mardi Gras and putting up my second post about it, I’ve discovered that there’s a direct-ish connection between Hogmanay and the Cajun Mardi Gras! All will be explained in time (like, as soon as I get some more reserach done) but it’s all quite fascinating.

    And, there’s the most cheerful photo of me ever on my blog. It’s cold, and wet, and freezing, and freezing rain is coming, but I look at the photos and just smile.

    And who doesn’t love Maxine? I’d not heard of Aunt Elner,but she and Maxine clearly are cut from the same cloth.

    1. Well, well, well! Thinking about how Hogmanay used to be celebrated – it’s a dying custom now, except for the huge, colourful street party they have in Edinburgh most years, depending on the weather – I can see definite similarities…and I love the photos of you. you are clearly having a really good time!!

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