The Black Madonna Connection

Following on Easter, Jamie over at Sophia’s Children reminds us of the deep, ancient wisdom held in the archetype of The Black Madonna…read, reflect, enjoy…In Jamie’s words “…this Whole Feminine, this symbol of deep wisdom and Unity, of remembrance and healing of what has been fragmented and abused, … is needed right now in the world.

She is calling for remembrance and expression in our work places, in our leadership, in the way we understand and express ourselves. The heartbeat grows louder, and the need for it grows as well. As we remember Her, she expresses herself more powerfully through us…”

2 thoughts on “The Black Madonna Connection

  1. The most interesting detail in the original post was, for me, the note that Lech Walesa wore a Black Madonna pin on his lapel and dedicated his Nobel Prize to her. It caught my attention because I’ve been pondering a re-write of a post about solidarity: real solidarity, not the glib and facile hashtag solidarity of these times.

    I really regret that I missed the Dark Madonna at Salisbury. But, that’s travel. There’s always something missed – it’s the way life is!

    This was an interesting post — very much appreciated.

  2. Hi, Linda, thanks for dropping by and commenting on Jamie’s post. I find her work chimes very much with my own preoccupations and am pleased to have found Sophia’s Children recently. This post has alerted me to Salisbury UK’s Black Madonna. Very timeous, since I will be paying my first visit there in the last week of this April, and will certainly look her up!

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