Rupert Sheldrake – a persistently open-minded scientist

As those of you dropping by here will know by now, I am as interested in science as I am in esoteric topics – and what I most admire in scientists apart from breadth and depth of knowledge is: open-mindedness, and generosity towards those with whom they may disagree. Rupert Sheldrake is one of those. To his great credit, he has kept up that spirit despite severe testing by diehard reductionists in recent years.

Rupert Sheldrake
Rupert Sheldrake

What I most dislike is dogmatic dismissal of others’ theoretical positions, knowledge bases or viewpoints, especially if that dismissal is rooted in ignorance of the body of knowledge or subject area which is being dismissed.

Astrologers know all about this!

I am putting together a small group of books to re-read over this summer/autumn period, one of them being Rupert Sheldrake’s recent book which I first read in 2012 and which I featured here then. Here is my 2012 introduction both to the book and Rupert Sheldrake’s talk:

“…I’ve now read and very much enjoyed “Science Set Free” (USA) / “The Science Delusion” (UK)  and would highly recommend it. Whom better than the author himself to let you know what it’s about?…”



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2 thoughts on “Rupert Sheldrake – a persistently open-minded scientist

  1. Ah, summer reading — I remember that. And I had to have read your initial post, but I don’t remember it, or remember commenting. So it’s time for a refresher course — just like in summer school!

  2. Yes, well, I am at that stage in life where re-reads are not only pleasurable, but essential since one’s remaining braincell tends to be rather leaky and not prone to hold onto information and argument, however interesting and/or persuasive, for very long…

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