Do you like seeing community green space covered in concrete? If not, please read on!

You would think, wouldn’t you, that our local City Council – which likes to promote Glasgow’s “Dear Green Place” image – would be proud of having such an impressive green community initiative in our local, much loved and used Children’s Wood.

You might even think, mightn’t you, if they were savvy politicians, that they could be claiming some of the credit for this world-class initiative, using its success to attract positive interest – maybe even money – in promoting their Glasgow’s Green Year 2015 campaign?

Not a bit of it!!! No interest whatsoever has been shown. The council persist in describing our vibrant piece of community land as “disused football pitches”.

Followers of this blog, and supporters on Facebook and Twitter, have been really helpful in publicising this local campaign to keep our green space for community use. We need your help again as the struggle moves into a new stage. Please sign this new petition, Share on Facebook and Twitter and anywhere else you think might help us. Thank you !


3 thoughts on “Do you like seeing community green space covered in concrete? If not, please read on!

  1. Hi, Anne ~ I signed again. Just out of curiosity, is there someone in Glasgow government who’s set to make a bundle of money if this goes to housing? I can’t imagine anyone with good sense opposing this for any reason other than money.

    Well, there’s always pig-headedness — someone just digging in their heels for no reason except to win the argument. Sigh.

    1. Many thanks again for your support, Linda! The previous post got lots of Facebook shares – shows the strength of feeling most folk have re the importance of Nature and the outdoors to children – and their families – who live in cities. Pity the city administrators do not see this blindingly obvious and increasingly research-supported fact.

      In response to your question and your observation: yes, most likely,to the first; supported, probably, by the second…Sigh.

  2. Hi Folks, thanks for all the support and especially Facebook shares which reached around 200 on my last post on this topic. And we have good news:

    Emily Cutts via The Children’s Wood
    July 24 at 10:42pm ·
    Our petition is working. The Scottish Reporter sent an email to Glasgow City Council yesterday asking them to respond to our petition by 5pm on Thursday 6 August 2015. If the Reporter doesn’t receive any comments from GCC by this date then the Reporter will assume that they have nothing further to add. Please keep the pressure up by signing and sharing the petition (your comments on the petition are invaluable):

    Here is the link again – any new signatures are welcome


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