The Neolithic meets the Cosmic: wonderful outdoor art!

Recently we visited the newly-opened Crawick Multiverse, near Sanquhar in Scotland, an outdoor, amazing landscape sculpture created on what had been disused mine workings by landscape artist Charles Jencks. It is an astounding place to visit – and an inspiring one.

We felt that Jencks had managed to create in stone, land and space, a metaphorical Great Circle: from where we began in the Neolithic era to express our physical and intuitive connection to  the universe of which we are part, to where we are now – astounded by the immensity of  the cosmos  as it stands revealed through the technical brilliance of modern science.

Here is the video explaining his concept, by the man himself.

Enjoy the photos – and GO THERE!

Crawick Multiverse Ground Map
Crawick Multiverse Ground Map
Ian - time traveller
Ian – time traveller
From the Multiverse...
From the Multiverse…
Yours Truly - on Andromeda...
Yours Truly – on Andromeda…
Mosaic Multiverse
Mosaic Multiverse

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6 thoughts on “The Neolithic meets the Cosmic: wonderful outdoor art!

  1. What an intriguing and beautiful place! The video is especially well done, and your photos are delightful. I especially like the designs in the third. They remind me of the fans I had as a child. In fact, that’s not a bad analogy for what Jencks was doing — opening the universe for us like a fan, revealing all those hidden beauties.

    Unfortunately, I’ll not be going there, but I’m glad you did!

    1. Hi Linda

      well, that was quick! Only just posted…yes, it’s a place to which we will return. I love what you say here: “opening the universe for us like a fan, revealing all those hidden beauties…” So apt. Pity you can’t just drop by…

  2. Hi Anne, the Crawick Multiverse looks amazing. What a brilliant way of transforming an old coal mine site. You look very much at home on Andromeda! I’m going to see whether I can fit in a trip at the end of October and see it for myself. Thanks for spreading the word. Jane xx

  3. Hi Anne, Watched the video and makes me want even more to visit the area. You can tell by my last name that our roots are in England and I must make the trip. I said I would notify you when my website and blog were available for viewing, so here they are. Website is and blog site is Thanks for posting about my book earlier. Kathryn.

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