As summer ends…the sea, glorious woods, and TWO Buddhas!

The sea, the sea…taken from the window of our train at Dawlish, en route to Totnes, Devon, UK. I love gazing out at horizons. A favourite memory is of sitting at a street cafe in the atmospheric seaside town of Lagos, Portugal, gazing out at a vast, shimmering horizon. Henry the Navigator, in the 15th Century, had boldly gone across that very line into the Great Unknown. It was 1995 – the start of a boldly-going period of human expansiveness. Little did we know then that technology was poised to deliver the Internet worldwide, changing all our lives. And I was poised for an educational adventure of my own..

The sea, the sea!

The sea, the sea!

Here is some local colour out and about round Totnes, Devon, UK where we were running away, hiding from our home in Glasgow’s extensive repainting job. First, cousin Michael’s wonderful flower garden. Second, Buckfast Abbey’s sumptuous gilded interior, after its extensive restoration. And last but not least: Ian doing some hands-on healing on a very quirky stone Buddha. Always the optimist, that man…😜

Glorious Garden

Glorious Garden

Gilded Altar, Buckfast Abbey, UK

Gilded Altar, Buckfast Abbey, UK

Will it work?

Will it work?

We spent a morning walking in the beguilingly beautiful, tranquil Dartington Estate, upriver from Totnes, in glorious autumn sunshine. And found, tucked away, another Buddha. A delightful highlight, complete with sunflower offering from us.

Buddha with Sunflower

Buddha with Sunflower

And now – we are home…but Totnes always seems to call us back...


250 words copyright Anne Whitaker 2015/ Photos copyright Anne Whitaker 2015
Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page

6 responses to “As summer ends…the sea, glorious woods, and TWO Buddhas!

  1. What beautiful photos. I do like the second Buddha, with your sunflower offering. It’s rather a nice thought, that even the Buddha can be a little ravaged by time and the elements.

    And are those begonias I see? It appears that there are some varieties I haven’t known, not to mention a whole range of colors. They’re delightful, and the altar is stunning.

    It sounds like a perfect time away: new horizons and old!

    • I think they are begonias – the whole of Michael’s garden is full of these beautiful flowers. What you see is just one section. Yes, I think Totnes, the River Dart and the surrounding area would appeal to you hugely, Linda!

  2. Lovely, Anne! Thank you for sharing.

    • Glad you like them. I’ve discovered since acquiring smartphones – especially this latest one which has a really good camera – that I love ‘seizing the moment’ with an illustrative snapshot. And it’s great when good folks like yourself are appreciative!

  3. Love the Buddha with the sunflower…was there a date on the stone? Michael’s garden is lovely!

    • Hi Bev thanks for dropping by! No, there was no date or anything of an explanatory nature on the stone – but I rather liked that element of mystery. It looked as though it had been there for some time though, hidden away in a niche – so unobtrusive that I have never noticed it before on previous visits…

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