In the Spirit of Halloween: Ghosts and Shadow Men

Beverley Young is one of my favourite bloggers: her site is a ‘must’ for those of my readers who are interested in all matters beyond the ordinary. Here, as a warm-up ( or should I say a chill-down! ) for Hallowe’en, are some extremely spooky tales sent to Beverley by her readers. Enjoy the stories – and it would be great if you left me some of your own as comments.

4 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Halloween: Ghosts and Shadow Men

  1. Anne, thank you for the lovely comments and for sharing this post with your readers. My personal scariest true tale happened at the former Ottawa Carlton County Jail, considered one of the ten most haunted places in the world. I stayed overnight alone on the ninth floor, just steps away from the gallows and Death Row. I was researching a story at the time and got permission to wander around the jail at night and take photographs. The cell blocks were dimly lit and I actually laid down on the bunk in the cell where the last man that was hanged in Canada had spent his final days on Death Row. The next morning I awoke with three long scratches on my back with no explanation as to how they appeared there. To my surprise, when I transferred the images from my digital camera to computer, I discovered images of several spirits on camera – some of them in the very room where I slept! Interestingly, a couple of them were dressed in what appeared to be the uniforms worn by the jail staff at that time. You can read more about this story at

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