Children at Play – or Bulldozers. What’s your preference?

Following a lively and constructive meeting last night, the next phase of our Maryhill, Glasgow, UK’s community battle to save a precious piece of wild land in our area from both developers and our own city council has begun!

Save our wild land!
Save our wild land on North Kelvin Meadow/The Children’s Wood!

In this phase, we need urgently to put pressure on the Scottish Government over the next 25 days. See for details. We need your help, Friends: where you are in the world does not matter!

If you feel that wild land worldwide should if possible be preserved to nurture and safeguard children’s relationship with Nature – and all the health benefits which go with that – do take the time to write a slogan of your choice which includes “Save The Children’s Wood, Glasgow, Scotland” and post the photo on Twitter, Facebook etc.This supporter, Claire, lives in Yonkers, New York (hint, hint, you guys in the Big Apple!) She wrote: ” I love the children’s wood and it is my niece and nephew’s favourite place to play.”

Claire, Yonkers, NY
Claire, Yonkers, NY

 Or  – go through to and sign our latest petition. And – Share this post on Facebook. We need all the help we can get. Thanks!!


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2 thoughts on “Children at Play – or Bulldozers. What’s your preference?

  1. Honest to goodness, this has turned into the longest campaign. You would think those in charge would have been persuaded by now — but I suppose that’s hoping for too much.

    Still, on we go. It appears that the same sort of situation is developing here. I’ll not even comment just now, because I haven’t sorted what’s truth and what’s fiction. What’s undeniable is that the same people who claim to love children and want only the best for them often are doing nothing more than attempting to garner favor with those whose concern is real.

    1. Yes, it sure has! I find it incredible that our city council – which promotes Glasgow as a Green City! – can’t see that there is a vibrant local project – eg now involving 21 local schools who regularly do Outdoor Learning courses on the North Kelvin Meadow/ The Children’s Wood – which ticks all international child welfare and wellbeing boxes, not to mention Glasgow City’s, and which should be supported and encouraged! Oh well, that’s the world some folk live in. But fortunately not everyone…our campaign team have done a fantastic job thus far in mobilising support from the ground up – the way community SHOULD be built. Do keep supporting us and signing our ( endless!) petitions, Linda. Every bit helps!

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