Surprise, surprise! Our communities prefer grass to concrete…

Following the North Kelvin Meadow/Children’s Wood campaign’s recent great success in having New City Vision’s plan to build on our precious piece of open community land in Maryhill, Glasgow, UK, “called in” by the Scottish Government, an important part of the campaign’s thrust continues to be the establishing of links with diverse grassroots initiatives in order to connect and share ideas.

Save our wild land!

Save our wild land!

I very much enjoyed reading Priya Logan’s account of her trip to Copenhagen in March to help further this process. Do have a read! It’s inspiring – and a great antidote to all the grim politics and general doom and gloom around at present.

100 words copyright Anne Whitaker/Priya Logan 2016

Licensed under Creative Commons – for conditions see Home Page


4 responses to “Surprise, surprise! Our communities prefer grass to concrete…

  1. What does being “called in” mean? I hope it’s an end to building plans, and that the children’s green is safe. If your campaign has succeeded, I say hooray for you-all, and best wishes for building that coalition.

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  2. This is good news, Anne!


    • Yes, it is! I walked through the meadow today and admired the daffodils which the community had planted last year. There was a bunch of kids with water pistols, in raincoats, being supervised by adults whilst having a whale of a time soaking one another. In another area, a parent was supervising a couple of small children rapt in digging among the trees. It’s good to know that there is now a good chance that this wild area will stay that way…thanks for your support, Jamie ! XoX


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