Spiral of Rebirth

The Circle of Life

Well, I’m back to posting on this site which is now a home for in-depth astrology…come and join me! You can also read some of the comments which have been left on my astrology  Facebook Page , some of which I’ll also share on posts here.

The site at present is a work in progress – earlier content will disappear, new material you see it, then you don’t…somewhat “Alice in Wonderland-ish” …but keep dropping by – there will always be something new to entertain, inform and inspire you astro-wise on the Home Page.


My astrology Facebook Page is where I publish all kinds of astrological stuff – blogs, videos and articles from leading astrologers for instance  – in fact anything astrological which takes my fancy and I think might interest YOU, dear reader. Do go over, visit for a while, leave a Like or even better, a comment. See you there!

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