Do you have an astrological twin?

Here, I am talking not about blood twins, but astrological twins, and how via astrological symbolism we can see how we unconsciously ‘twin’ with those people who complement our own energies.


Linda’s Question:

I’ve always found twins fascinating. What’s even more fascinating is the kind of relationship that develops between people who aren’t blood relatives of any sort, yet seem to be “cut from the same cloth”. We talk about being “simpatico” – has anyone ever done any studies on such people to see if there are similarities in their charts?

My Answer:

Well, most regular practitioners of astrology do this kind of research at least informally as part of both their work and their own lives.

For example, I used to wonder why most of my close friends and associates, work colleagues and bosses were Sun Virgos, Pisceans and Aquarians. Then I had my horoscope drawn up.

I found that a key axis in the horoscope, ie the Ascendant/Descendant which describes how you meet the world, the persona you present to that world, and key relationships you draw to you – was in the signs of Virgo and Pisces. Thus quite unconsciously I was drawing to me relationships with people whose solar energies symbolically complemented my own….

Furthermore, the sign opposite to Leo in the zodiac wheel is Aquarius, and you know the old saw about opposites attracting!

Anne W's Horoscope
Anne W’s Horoscope

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Time and again I have known marriage/relationship partnerships where one person is Sun Leo and the other Aquarius, or vice versa.  Or Sun Taurus and Sun Scorpio. Or Sun Capricorn and Sun Cancer. And so on, all round the opposite pairs in the Zodiac circle. I am married to an Aquarian, and his Aquarian brother also has a Sun Leo wife – so we are one small illustration of this!

Also, when I got around to drawing family horoscopes, I discovered my father and mother both had Virgo as their Ascending signs. My brother and sister both have the sign of Virgo strongly emphasised in their horoscopes. My husband has a Virgo Ascendant, as does my (Sun in Pisces) stepson, and my stepson’s stepfather, who used to be married to my sister (work that one out….)

Any set of family horoscopes has similar variations on key themes, where the planetary placements and the zodiac signs in which they fall symbolically tell a vivid story of interweaving energy patterns, both clashing, compulsive and harmonious – as in life lived out.

Furthermore, in thirty fve years of teaching astrology classes to a very wide range of students ranging in occupation from bus drivers to consultant psychiatrists (who both turned up in the same class one year) I found over and over again that the planetary pattern of the horoscope which I always drew up for the date, time and place of the start of the class was reflected in striking ways in the horoscopes of the students who turned up.


One year stands out in my memory. I began the class when there was a line-up of several planets in the dark, intense and powerful sign of Scorpio. The class composition that year was like no other before or since: all ten of the students had a preponderance of planets in Scorpio and/or strong emphases on the planet Pluto, ruler of the sign Scorpio.

I enjoyed teaching the class , an intense and powerful bunch of people who absorbed every word I said ( I think….!) but said very little. It was exhausting though. Like teaching a black hole!

On a totally contrasting note, there was another year where the dominant energies of the horoscope for that class were much, much lighter and “buzzier”.

The sun and other planets (as I recall) were concentrated in the signs of Virgo and Libra, with the planet Mercury dominant. This symbolism was expressed in a hardworking, charming and co-operative, and highly communicative  group of students who were very easy to work with.

Two students from that group, Doreen and Sheilagh ( just in case they happen to read this – I know they will not mind being mentioned! ) had such similar horoscopes that I asked them to sit beside each other, commenting that they would find a great deal in common. Over a quarter of a century later, they are still very good friends…..astrological twins in spirit…..

I hope this gives you a flavour of what it is like observing, through the lens of astrological symbolism,  the shifting dance of interconnected energy comprising our small earthly world. AND –

 Do, please, share your stories!


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  1. I very much enjoyed reading this — and I was surprised to see it in my inbox. Somehow I missed the post titled “Writing from the Twelfth House is Back!” I’m going to have to do some exploring to see what’s up — but how nice to see you, Anne.

    1. Well, it’s a long story! I’ve been going through all sorts of changes of focus, but Facebook’s new attempts to rid the cyber-world of evil have caught an awful lot of folk with no evil intent whatsoever in its net, including me – so I can no longer share my astrology site’s posts anywhere, although I can it would appear share all my astrological colleagues’ ones! However, their depredations have not extended to this blog, and I was going to re-hab it anyway. So without meaning to, they have done me a favour. I’ll let you know when my book of astro-essays is due out. You might fancy buying a copy…I still drop by your place from time to time…may have more time to do that now! Lovely to hear from you, Linda!

      1. I’ll add this little tale to my list of good reasons not to be on FB — or Instagram, for that matter. Despite their protestations, it’s not necessary to depend on them to function in this world: mirabile dictu!

  2. As I look across the family charts, I’ve noticed we all have a lot in Capricorn. It’s been a busy year with all that’s happening with Saturn and Pluto there. A new granddaughter with a due date of my mother’s birth will add more family astrological data.

    1. Thanks for adding to our Twins experiential research data bank, Ellis! It’s amazing ( or maybe not…) how family members’ energies repeat through their astrological signatures…

  3. Diana Chavdarova:
    Anne Whitaker ,There’s tons of info, I just clicked the first link. Basically, soulmates are kindred spirits who support each other, while twin flames are one soul incarnate in two bodies – hence the intensity of mirroring and everything that entails

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