Nodes enter Gemini/Sagittarius …communication goes nuts!

Honestly, I wasn’t going to bother writing about the Nodes’ ingress into Gemini/Sagittarius…until it happened on the morning of Tuesday 5th May 2020 (if you go by the True Node – more on this later) during the first formal zoom tutorial with my student group.

Moon's Nodes
Moon’s Nodes

Immediately following this my week exploded into a flurry of admin, dealing with annoying domestic detail, numerous phone calls at inconvenient moments eg when I was struggling to make sense of my tax return, zoom chats, teaching – and group participation via two seminars, one on Saturday planned for some time, the other on Sunday, arising from a zoom meeting with a friend and colleague today. This upcoming weekend is suddenly full of zoom, zoom, and more zoom!

I haven’t been feeling hugely inspired of late, but the extraordinary ramping up of all things Gemini/Sagittarius in my life this week with the Nodes’ shift from Cancer/Capricorn has truly got me going. This shift places the North Node in my tenth house, South Node in the fourth house; my week has been characterised thus far by considerable frustration as I struggled to free myself from the grip of admin etc etc centred on matters concerning my domestic life, in order to follow the promptings of the North Node in the tenth and get on with writing my A A Journal column and another piece of writing still gestating.

The manifestations of this shift for me were so striking that I really feel inspired once again to return to reflecting on the Moon’s Nodes, and in this post, on the significance of  ingresses. Planetary ingresses (entries) into signs have fascinated me ever since I began to study astrology and to realise the striking correlation between newspaper headlines on the day after a planet had shifted from one sign to another, and events in the wider world. At one time I had a whole file full of dramatic press cuttings illustrating this eg a photograph of the Japanese city of Kobe on fire following a massive earthquake on 17th January 1995 – just as Pluto shifted into Sagittarius.

But what of ingresses which are not planetary, ie the ingresses of the Moon’s Nodes which we are discussing here? Is it worth paying attention to these points of ingress in personal life? Or collective life? Have you had any striking experiences this week illustrating the energetic shift of the Nodes from one pair of signs to another? Has your mood lightened ( despite lockdown) in response to the Nodal shift from water and earth (Cancer/Capricorn) to air and fire (Gemini/Sagittarius)?

I’d be interested in my readers’ thoughts on this topic, whilst I write in some more detail about the Moon’s Nodes in general, and in Gemini/Sagittarius, for next week.

Moon's Nodes
Moon’s Nodes

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16 thoughts on “Nodes enter Gemini/Sagittarius …communication goes nuts!

  1. Oh, yes, I’ve seen a really big increase in communications. I’ve been talking too much and have noticed people’s eyes glazing over! The imposed lock down has made me aware of the richness and potentials of life, love, and learning in the immediate neighbourhood. I love far flung travels, so this is quite a revelation for me.
    And of course lots of Zoom meetings and classes with my friends from all over the world.
    But mostly I’ve just been talking too much!

  2. Thanks, Liz, interesting and relevant feedback.

    More feedback from me: I’m being hobbled by mis-communication in that Facebook has shut me out of my account for reasons I cannot fathom. It would appear, yet again, that I am some kind of threat to the known world…they did this to me last year, shutting me out of sharing my blog to the extent that I had to shut it down and turn it into an archive. After six months and repeated complaints, I got an apology and a retraction.

    So – if anyone sees this post, I wonder if they would be good enough to share the link somewhere?

  3. It took me from IC/MC to 2nd/8th houses (Placidus) … I’ve got Jupiter and Eros snuggled up at around 27 Gemini and the Galactic center is, I think, around 27 Sagitarius. That seems like a LOT of expansive life energy about to be noded on! 😀 Fingers crossed things explode in a good way. I’m a 12th house person too, and things just don’t go the way they’re expected to. I definitely have felt the pace picking up, but not with a greater sense of assurance or destination; I might be going nowhere faster, for all I can tell.

    1. Hello Isy,
      thank you for dropping by and letting us know where the Nodes are headed in your horoscope…

      And thanks for the feedback on how ‘now’ feels…I love that last phrase of yours. It speaks to me of the early beginnings of a new energetic unfolding, in this case of the Nodal axis through Gemini /Sagittarius: intriguing, liminal – who knows what adventures, what new perspectives, lie head?

      I’m quite looking forward to whatever that might be – I hope you are too!

    2. A few days along, here. Wrestling for language to describe the early shift for me. Paradoxes & mixed metaphors are inevitable 😉

      I’m chronically ill with a beast of a dysregulatory disease which quietly tears brain & body systems apart from the inside. Living in spite of it takes considerable, relentless discipline, simply in order to slow things down.

      6/2019 to 12/2019 were horrific for other reasons (multiple bereavements, losses, homeless, loads of fun stuff) & left me well behind in managing this. As soon as I began to mentally emerge from the trainwreck, Covid-19 jumped on the world. So, it’s been a lot of work, here!

      Up to last week, the many Sisyphean tasks of living in this much-challenged body — where I felt as if the upward hill kept sending me, Escher-esquely, deeper into a lightless abyss — seemed increasingly doomed. Reconciling with my natal family & earliest peer group (MC/4th house to 3rd house) was the one wonderful thing about it, but it wasn’t enough to strengthen me against these ridiculous, relentless, unstoppable inward disintegrations.

      It is *exhausting* to fight so much, so hard, on so many fronts, for so little. Switching metaphors again, imagine the nodal axis as a solid iron beam laid over my spine at that IC/MC axis. Ticked me off royally to stay stuck under that & not be able to move it. I’ve been preparing, with considerable irritation and a kind of needling petulant disgust, for my departure from this life.

      The nodal shift feels like the bar is shifting, or I’ve twisted partly out from under it. Who knows, it might lift. Is it lifting? It could be lifting. Very *cautious* optimism is the only kind I can employ, but it feels a lot better than being bitter. The darkness is definitely starting to lighten. This might not be the exit after all.

      I hope not. I’ve clearly got some writing to do. I’ll need a quorum of improvement & time, to get to that; we’ll see.

      I hope you enjoyed that slightly mythologized bit of autobiog. I thought you might. 🙂

  4. I’ve been frazzled by communications Anne. On being on sent home from work some six weeks ago (MC @ 10 Gemini with four planets opposite in Sadge) I thought, perhaps there will be silver linings, perhaps I’ll do all the stuff I’ve been saying I will but never seem to have the time. Writing, reading and sketching jumped to mind. There have been small beginnings to these things but in reality every moment has been taken up by by my everyday surroundings, messages and yes, zoom, zoom,zoom with a dash of Skype and a seasoning of FaceTime, meaning there has been very little time for me to do what I want to do. Venus is about to retro over my sadge stellium next… maybe as it’s square Neptune there may be some quieter times ahead. I look forward to your next observations…

    1. Sorry to hear you’ve had all that bother too, Carole!I am currently completely locked out of the whole of my Facebook account…so very frustrating to be getting nowhere with faceless algorhythms!

  5. Via Facebook:
    Itiina Stewart Mmurray:

    Felt a shift in energies….lighter & more ‘free’ in spite of the restrictions of lock-down. Also helps that NN now in my 11th house🙂.

  6. Thanks for this feedback, Tina – looking at the other comments on the Pages of friends who kindly posted this for me while I was briefly in Facebook lockdown (no, I have no idea why…But I guess it was a form of communication issue fitting in with the theme of this post!), it appears that quite a number of people noticed this shift in terms of a lightening of energies and an increase in communication of all sorts…Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Hello Anne – thanks for this – definitely a shift for me; with a Gemini 26 midheaven and a cardinal square, the change is welcome, and definitely feels lighter. Appreciate your noting the nodal shift into Gemini as a precursor to next year’s grand mutation. It certainly seems we are getting some pretty broad hints from the cosmos these days.

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