Some thoughts on Secondary Progressions…stepping into Mystery…

From the time I discovered Secondary Progressions as a Faculty of Astrological Studies student in the 1980s, they have fascinated me. This fascination was amplified as I slowly became an experienced astrology teacher, using my classes (as you do) for the brilliant qualitative research opportunities ‘on the hoof’  that they undoubtedly provide.

Standing Stone at Samhain
 Standing Stone at Samhain

When you first go round a class of a dozen students, tracking their Suns changing signs by secondary progression, discovering their corresponding life changes as well as your own, it does rather cause you to scratch your head – after you and your students have come down from the sheer buzz of it all – and ask 

“But why does astrology work ?And why does a purely symbolic technique like SPs seem to work too ?” 

My aim here is to offer a personal reflection on Secondary Progressions, sharing my clients’ experiences of those mysterious symbolic tools, as well as my own. My observations are also offered to experienced practitioners in such a way that they can take a moment: to step back from their astro-toolkit and be freshly awestruck by the essential Mystery which SPs evoke.

Most of all, I’d like to intrigue and inspire readers who are fairly new to astrology to begin their own journey into this misty, awesome territory.

To read the whole of this essay, first published in the UK’s Astrological Journal in 2017 and The Mountain Astrologer magazine in 2018, click the link below:

Secondary Progressions: April – May 2019

Standing Stone at SamhainStanding Stone at Samhain

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6 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Secondary Progressions…stepping into Mystery…

  1. Via Facebook:
    Sabine Besse:
    I became convinced by the accuracy of progressed composites when somebody broke off the contact with me on the day our prog comp Pluto and Juno dead conjuncted.
    Another example I observed was a venus conjunct the sun in a progressed composite of a brother and sister who had not known about each other before. The day their sun and Venus hit, he reached out to her for the very first time and made himself known to her (not aware of any astrology).
    Since those two incredibly exact events I did not have the slightest doubts about the validity of secondary progressions.

  2. Via Facebook:
    Lindel Barker-Revell:

    I’m a great believer in the SPS too Anne. I’ve found often though, that the SP Moon triggers the aspects. Eg Prog Sun Venus did not activate until an exact square from the Prog Moon.

  3. Via Facebook:
    Barbara Monica:
    My secondary progressed sun has just ingressed into Leo. My natal sun is in an intercepted sign in the sixth conjunct the South Node. Not exactly fabulous!!
    I’m definitely feeling the shift into Leo. Like my light is actually becoming a bit visible!

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