Reviewing the Spring Equinox 2021 as the Summer Solstice approaches…

Is it Covid, or is it me? Or you? I am finding, these days, that Time seems to drag interminably on the one hand, and whizz by at warp speed on the other. Coming round slowly as usual over my morning cuppa (not a morning person, me…) I was jolted awake by realising that it’s almost Midsummer. How did that happen? It seemed like it was the Spring Equinox about five minutes ago. Much has happened/not happened since then…depends on what level of lockdown you’ve been enduring where you are, I guess!

So, I thought I’d revisit the post I wrote for the UK’s Astrological Journal at the time of the Spring Equinox 2021: taking stock, as it were, of where we were then, and where we are now, as Midsummer approaches. Your thoughts, as ever, are most welcome!

Normally, I don’t have too much bother coming up with a column topic. The idea usually lands in my mind either days or weeks before the deadline. If it refuses to go away and bother someone else, I know it’s mine to tackle.  Either that, or final deadline looming has a miraculously stimulating effect on my inert capacity for creative cogitation. 

Not this time.

I have been in what can best be described as ‘zombie slug’ mode, as the latest covid lockdown has deprived all of us of most activity involving direct social contact with our fellow human beings. I share the apprehension of many worldwide who have been shocked at the full frontal assault on democracy provoked by Trump in the dying embers of his less than successful presidency. Tomorrow, 20th January 2021,  is Inauguration Day in the USA. 

What shape is 2021 going to take? The astrology of the new Air Era which began on 2020’s Winter Solstice has produced much commentary from me and fellow astrologers across the globe. I feel dispirited at the thought of coming up with anything relevant to say in my current mood. 

However, dragging myself out into the dank, cold, grubby murk of a city morning for the usual walk, I found the cheery defiance of new season’s snowdrops sprouting merrily in the local park more inspiring than ever before. Their simple yet powerful reminder that Life goes on despite the antics of humans, cheered me up.

‘I know!” I thought. “I’m going to have a look at the 2021 Spring Equinox horoscope – and not allow myself to be intimidated by knowing that knowledgeable and erudite commentaries from experienced mundane astrologers are even now being penned the length and breadth of lands various…’. ( yes, I know no-one pens anything very much any more…it’s just a figure of speech)


After three days’ procrastination, a much cheerier mood prevails as I begin perusing this year’s Spring Equinox chart.  The USA now has a presidential President in Joe Biden; despite the pall of covid hanging over us all, he set the tone for an inspiring Inauguration. 

And the women – wow!

 First off, we now have the first black/South Asian female Vice Ppresident: two firsts rolled into the formidable Kamala Harris. Next up, the accomplished Dr Jill Biden as FLOTUS. Then Lady Gaga’s knockout rendition of the USA’s national anthem. And the magnificent poem performed superbly by 22 year old Amanda Gorman. 

Also: in the roll-call of  Biden appointments, this from CNN on Inauguration day:

“At least six major news networks have assigned women to lead White House coverage of the Biden administration, raising the profile of female journalists in an institution long dominated by men” (i)

But more on the women shortly…

This Spring Equinox horoscope certainly holds some cheer for us: Jupiter is closely conjunct the Aquarian MC, trine Gemini rising, as he moves away from Saturn. Both Saturn from the 9th house and Jupiter from the 10th are trine a 12th house Moon/North Node/Mars combination in Gemini. This suggests some cautious optimism and focused energy arising behind the scenes in our world-wide community, with plenty new ideas coming slowly to the fore – hopefully as the covid infection and death rates slowly fall with the gradual rise and impact of mass vaccination programmes. 

That Jupiter on an Aquarian MC does suggest that rich male benefactors with a social conscience might divert some of their squillions toward the common good – eg helping to get the world vaccinated. Come on, Besos and Musk. Step up!! ( ps 8.6.21: They haven’t as yet…what a surprise.)

Meanwhile, we are in for a whole year of Saturn square Uranus, which first kicked off from March to July 2020. This year, their squares are exact at the following points: February17th (7 deg Aquarius/Taurus) + June 14th (13 deg Aquarius/Taurus) + Dec 24th (11deg Aquarius/Taurus). Much has already been said, and will be repeated as 2021 unfolds, concerning the intractable and potentially violent taking up of intransigent, polarised positions politically and culturally from which we have suffered so much in the year just gone. 

 However, as I reflected on the many variations on the battle between the old and new order arising already from this alarming square, my eye fell on the Venus/Neptune conjunction, sitting right next to the equinoctal Aries Sun. 

 I realised that its 24 deg Pisces midpoint fell on the Saturn/Uranus midpoint. Suddenly – honestly, I’m not making this up! – a vivid image came to me: Gustave Moreau’s 1866 painting of ‘Venus Rising from the Sea’. I’ve always preferred this version of the mythical birth of Venus (from the severed genitals of mythical sky god Uranus castrated by his mythical offspring Saturn and cast into the briny, supposedly off the coast of Cyprus …) to Sandro Botticelli’s much more demure Venus, painted sometime in the 1480s, arriving onshore draped prettily within a seashell. Moreau’s Venus, as can be seen from the accompanying image, is much more authoritative, tougher- looking in her beauty – pretty formidable, in fact. 

(No – I could not resist checking my battered copy of Michelson’s wonderful Tables of Planetary Phenomena to see what was going on in 1866. Yes – in July and August that year, there were significant Saturn/Uranus aspects: with Saturn at 6 deg Scorpio waxing trine Uranus at 6 deg Cancer + Saturn at 7 deg Scorpio waxing trine Uranus at 7 deg Cancer. Some co-incidence, eh?!) 

Now –  back to the formidable, authoritative women who are very much part of our current world picture. 

In 2019, we had Greta Thunberg coming to the fore with the South Node conjunct Saturn/Pluto in the Spring, taking ineffectual male politicians to task in the face of a building world-wide climate crisis, and winding up as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. She succeeded in turning vague anxieties about the planet into a worldwide movement calling for global change.

My Jan/Feb 2021 NTAC column concerned the provocative ‘silver blob’ commemorative statue to Mary Wollestonecraft, arguably the world’s first publicly influential feminist via her famous 1792 tract ‘Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ and mother of the prescient Mary Shelley. Shelley warned us – via ‘Frankenstein’ published in 1818 – of the consequences of science being allowed to run unchecked by either compassion or ethics. 

That statue, unveiled on 10th November 2020, succeeded in raising the ire of women across a wide spectrum – in the same week that Kamala Harris made history by becoming Joe Biden’s Vice President. The horoscope of the statue’s launch – which includes the four key female asteroids Ceres, Juno, Pallas, and Vesta – shows strong, combative female energy being very much to the fore, reflecting in microcosm what is currently going on across the world. Female leaders from Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon to New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern and Germany’s Angela Merkel are generally making a better job of leading their countries through the covid crisis than their male counterparts.

I was powerfully struck by the arrival of Moreau’s formidable Venus in my mind’s eye as I contemplated the Spring Equinox’s Venus/Neptune in Pisces in relation to that intractable-looking Saturn/Uranus square. It strongly suggested this to me: if  the angry and dangerous stances of opposing camps are to be slowly dissolved and gradually transformed into more constructive, co-operative positions as this (yet another!) crisis year for the world unfolds, it is likely to be the energies of formidable, authoritative, powerful, compassionate women which play a significant part in enabling such a transformation…


(i) Via 05.31 20/01/21. 

(This post is an edited version of my 34th Not the Astrology Column featured in the March/April 2021 Issue of the UK’s Astrological Journal, edited by Victor Olliver.)

1500 words Copyright Anne Whitaker 2021

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11 thoughts on “Reviewing the Spring Equinox 2021 as the Summer Solstice approaches…

  1. Anne, I really enjoyed this. Having a moment to reflect on where the US is now and where we were when we “re-started” on January 20, was extremely helpful. As I am pulling away, more and more, from the latest crazy thing one group is doing, your post here reminded me of the powerful women who are doing amazing things…and have done amazing things to build and re-build in order to get to where we are in this moment. I’m thinking of Stacey Abrams, too. Allowing all others to act from their highest and best in face of those who are bent on taking power at the expense of the people, all while they blindly cheer them on, is the very best for me at this point in my life. I am also reminded that choices have consequences. Every choice has a consequence. Including the ones I make for myself. The more I step back, the broader the lens through which I see it all. I’m grateful for that perspective as well.

    As I said above, I really enjoyed this, and the opportunity to reflect on the events from January 20 (against the backdrop of January 6).

    1. Thanks so much for this wise, thoughtful comment, Carrie. Yes, we really need the power of women to rise above the current political swamp world-wide, and if possible slowly help us out of it…we have to retain hope…

  2. I resonate with your disorienting sense of time. Each morning I head up my journal entry with the date, the day of the week (lest I forget this concept), the moon sign, and the tally of how long I have been doing this … today is Day 455. 😳
    I’ve been following world news … Covid-19 trends … restrictions and mutations … the rise and fall of graphs … trying to extrapolate the future, worried that the US is opening too soon. Attitudes here tend to fall along political lines, which has led to alienation in my community.
    The beginning of the Age of Aquarius is disputed, but I believe that with the emergence of powerful feminine leaders we are seeing a shift toward a future matriarchy. I am viewing this past year through the lens of Pandora … looking for HOPE.

    1. Well, yes, Helen – that’s a good archetype through which to direct your gaze. We must always have hope. My personal motto is: start where you are, do what you can…

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. 10.6.21:
    Via Facebook:
    Sheri Robin Hartstein:

    So interesting to re-read this, Anne, especially In light of today’s solar eclipse with Gemini Sun-Moon-Mercury exactly trine that Spring Equinox Jupiter/MC in Aquarius. You mention “male benefactors” with a social conscience stepping up for the common good of helping the world get vaccinated. Well, with today’s eclipse it was Biden stepping up with his global vaccine news. Or course, remains to be seen how this will all pan out with G-7 leadership in days to come, yet definitely raises Jupiterian high hopes for more global healing and humanitarianism. (And powerful female benefactors with a social/environmental conscience and sensibility stepping up for the common good. The bulk of your article certainly highlights that!)💖

  4. Hi Sheri, many thanks for this very interesting response, and for pointing out the Jupiter MC Aquarius /Biden factor. We really have to try and keep being optimistic despite all the current turmoil in the world!🌈

  5. “…Time seems to drag interminably on the one hand, and whizz by at warp speed on the other.”
    Yes! I chuckled at that; just this week I said to someone that this past Covid year has zoomed by. But then there are times when it drags – like the past week. (Having been slammed by a reaction to my first vaccine – ahem, AstraZ from your side of the pond!)

    Typing just now I remember seeing a horoscope for my sign (Cancer) last month, and it warned about serious health issues. I remember thinking, ‘No way. I’m proactive – eat well – I’ll zip thru June…’ Ha, day two after the vaccine was like having dengue again, and I’m still regaining my strength.

    Nonetheless, this has been an interesting year – year of the ox – and on another blog this week I read, ” The ox is slow, but the earth is patient. Indonesian Proverb (or maybe, as some say, Chinese) ”

    We’d best all take lessons from planet earth and learn to be patient!

    Here in the area where I live, there seems to be an awakening – people coming forward and asking questions about the birds, the environment, what trees are important. I think that the Covid timeout has been ‘healthy’ for some and they’re moving forward with more of their senses intact.

    Who knows what’s next, but I have hope.

    Hmmmm, people like you have insider information! I hope that you see light up ahead as well.

    Happy Equinox a week early.

    1. Thanks for this most varied response, Lisa! Sorry to hear about your bad reaction to Jag 1…trust you are feeling better now.

      And yes, our whole way of life has been upended as we move from a 200 year Earth era to a 200 year Air era, kicked off by an air-borne virus and leading the world to enter air via zoom etc in response…as the Chinese proverb/curse says: ‘May you live in interesting times…” No doubt about that being the case these days!

      But we should always have hope. A new era is taking shape, with all kinds of new possibilities and no doubt the usual positive/negative mix …

      Happy Early Equinox to you, too!

  6. Thank you for your insights. I am always amazed and sometimes embarrassed as an American to know how much the rest of the world follows our crazy American politics. But things are looking up! Our next President may very well be a woman, catching up to the rest of the world.

    1. And thanks for dropping by, Carla! Wouldn’t miss your politics for anything! And yes, wouldn’t it be great if it was a woman next time! We can but hope…

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