Can astrology account for twin differences? Yes it can…

In this six minute reading from my latest book “Postcards to the Future” – a collection of 60 essays, articles and columns published between 1995 and 2021 – I tackle one of the most frequent questions astrologers are ever asked: how does astrology account for twin differences when especially with identical twins, they both have almost identical birth charts or horoscopes? I formulated a theory based on my own observations over years, then tested it out with my students. I think you’ll find the results fascinating. We certainly did!

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12 thoughts on “Can astrology account for twin differences? Yes it can…

  1. June Rae Oxenham
    I just love this book. I am learning so much from it. Just magic xx❤️❤️
    Anne Whitaker
    That is so kind, June, thanks for this! If you can be bothered a couple of sentences of review on Amazon would be brilliant…🙏🏼

  2. Jennie Coley
    I am an actual identical twin we were born 15 mins apart and we could not be more different .Our lives have been completely different she has children I dont .She became a teacher ,married twice .I have been married for 50 years to the same man and was a software engineer . We do not share the same interests ,politics or friends .I have also studied astrology since I was a teenager she isnt interested in Astrology , our differences are very apparent if you use the whole house system not so much with Placidus .She also has a Leo ascendant and I have a Virgo ascendant .We are mirror image twins I am right handed and she is left handed .We share out any notable transits neither of us have experience of the same transits at the same time ,it is like being one astrological personality in two physical bodies.
    Anne Whitaker
    Jennie Coley This is brilliant feedback, Jennie, thanks: It truly demonstrates how having the same set of characters on the one stage can produce very different outcomes…
    Jennie Coley
    Hence Astrology will never be proved to scientific standards which demands the same outcome for the same parameters time and time again. We may have the same aspects in our charts but the expression is unique to each individual !
    Anne Whitaker

  3. Chrissy Philp
    I have students who are Twins. One has Sun right at the end of 9th house the other Sun just into 10th. The 9th house twin is off on fun trips the other works for the council. How appropriate.
    Anne Whitaker
    Love this, Chrissy! Astrology never ceases to delight…

  4. Angelina Valvi
    Having lived with twin sisters and -the last few years- with a man who is twins with his brother (both heterozygous), I have been observing the same, and have quit wondering why. Maybe the need to be different is also strong among twins. Everybody seems to be their own person, especially once they have grown up and made choices and gone their own way.
    Thank you for this very interesting excerpt, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Anne Whitaker
    And thank you, Angelina, for this very thoughtful and illuminating feedback!🙏🏼

  5. Jen Howell
    This is great! I knew someone who was a twin, and in doing her chart analysis and discussing the astrology of twins and her sibling’s personality and life path with her, found this to be true for them, too. It does seem to hold across the board. Thank you for sharing!
    Anne Whitaker
    Thanks, Jen, that’s really helpful and affirming feedback.

  6. Carole Devine
    I have found that Sabian symbol degree meanings account for the differences. Just about all the time twins have a different degree rising….
    And often in the minutes between births planets change houses.
    Anne Whitaker
    Thanks, Carole. It’s good to have a range of perspectives on this issue…

  7. Of course we enjoyed that reading, and the musical joy in your voice – and the tulips in the background – and all of those books – oh, to peruse each book, each title! Thank you for sharing your world with us! Love, Lisa

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