“Postcards to the Future” : bringing astrology to life…

Here is another lovely review of my latest book ‘ Postcards To The Future’ this time from Trish Marin of the Astrology Quarterly magazine, from the January/March 2022 Issue, Vol 86, No 4. 


Thank you, Trish!

“…Anne Whitaker’s mercurial musings weave through the last quarter century, unpicking some of the highlights of astrological patterns and mundane events. Postcards To The Future reveals the correspondences and synchronicities between our everyday lives and planetary movements in a convincing display of astrology of the moment. 

The book is an entertaining compendium of some of Anne’s prolific blog posts and articles published over the years by a wide variety of sources. Broad in scope, it whizzes authoritatively through planetary cycles, notable conjunctions, typical beginner’s questions, interview Q&A and correspondence, while scattering generous gems of astrological wisdom. 

As an astrology teacher and meticulous researcher, Anne provides clear explanations of some complex concepts presented in an engaging and memorable way. As she explains in the book, she was initially a sceptic, until her ‘encounter’, described here in humorous detail. Throughout, the astrology is brought to life with witty and amusing examples and stories from her own life experiences and those of her clients and students. Sprinkled with literary references and philosophical reflections it makes an enjoyable, illuminating read. 

I felt compelled to reach for the ephemeris and to look again at the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions and the part they played in my own past adventures. Secondary progressions had always seemed a rather subtle, internal influence but I was prompted to re-examine their impact with some unexpected insights. 

Anne admits to being obsessed by Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, and has written of her synastry with Dolly the Sheep, as Frankenstein’s real-life enactment. Furthermore, Mary Shelley has a twenty-first century counterpart who, like her, is sounding a siren for the future of the earth; Greta Thunberg, born nearly two hundred years later, carries her message forward. 

A mercurial book, suitable for both beginners and experienced astrologers, delivered in bite sized chunks it can be dipped into or savoured in larger portions. I highly recommend it to all our readers…” 

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‘Postcards to the Future: Mercurial Musings 1995-2021…’ is available everywhere on Amazon, here in UK for Amazon UK , locally in Glasgow G20 at the lovely Opal Moon, in London at The Astrology Shop and Watkins Books – and from The Wessex Astrologer,


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6 thoughts on ““Postcards to the Future” : bringing astrology to life…

  1. It is so beautiful to witness the acceptance and success of your book. Thank you for sharing these reviews and reading snippets — and to see that gorgeous book in your hands! Presently our mail system does not work at all, and getting anything via other options is terribly expensive. A friend insisted on sending a large book to me, and it cost 90 dollars in fees! Alas, whenever I go to the USA, I’ll try to plan ahead and make room for ‘comfort books.’ Sending love from Ecuador, Lisa

    1. That’s so kind, Lisa! I truly appreciate your support. My editor and I are hoping to get a kindle version of “Postcards…” out in the next few months, so I’ll let you know when we do. Alternatively, if you email me at info@anne-whitaker.com maybe we could work something out re sending the book from the uk which might not be too pricey. Sending love back from Scotland !

      1. Hey.. thank you — the problem here is the import duty, and a friend from France sent a small shoebox with a few assorted items – most made with love — a sachet of potpourri from her garden, a tiny vial/tube of lavender candies, three small squre pale-blue bars of fragrant soap… a jar of green tomatoe marmalade. The duties were about 75 dollars!

        When the postal service eventually re-opens, it should be very fair to again receive packages as long as they don’t go over the weight limit, and I forget what that limit is, but a few books will usually stay under those inspection laws. Our new president tries to stay current with the world, and surely he realizes the importance of an efficient postal service for sending and receiving items.
        Your book will be that ‘carrot on the stick,’ and worth the wait! Surely I’ll be USA bound by the June solstice?!

      2. Thanks for explaining that, which must be SO frustrating where you live, to say the least…well, you can order the book from Amazon when you get to the USA, anyway.

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