Does the Aquarian Age exist? Is it a metaphor? Where are we now? For Episode One of “Beginners Mind Astrology”…Andrew Paine interrogates Anne Whitaker…

Well, it’s been an exciting couple of weeks! As an antidote to the turmoil currently engulfing our world in general and UK politics in particular (“You could not make it up” has hit a stratospheric level here this week) I have been busy reshaping my blog/website, with the very able tech support of the wondrous Michael Wright. You may now notice some differences: I’d love some feedback – always a dangerous request I know, especially in this era!(i)

Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius12/2020

Whilst attempting in this process to create some order out of various kinds of behind the scenes chaos, I’ve been concentrating on rounding up some videos: of promotional readings I’ve done for my latest book “Postcards to the Future”, of interviews I’ve done for colleagues websites, etc, as I attempt to create a well-organised video channel.

Last night, I was delighted to find a 30 minute pilot video which my colleague Andrew Paine and I did in which Andrew asked me various questions centred on how astrological symbolism could assist him – as a person with a beginners mind interest in the more in-depth dimensions of astrology – in developing a helpful perspective on the turbulent times which we are living through.

The content ranged over past, present – and some thoughts on what kind of future we may be moving towards, as “The old order changeth yielding place to new…” (ii) The content is even more relevant, if anything, than it was in June 2020 when, because of pandemic lockdown, we ‘met’ on zoom.(iii) I do hope you find it interesting, and perhaps even helpful as one way of making sense of our current unpredictability and chaos at so many levels.

And – if you’d like to read one of my in-depth articles on planetary cycles, check out this one, which appeared recently on Astrodienst: “Some Notes on Cycles in a Time of Crisis …”


(i) But no worries. If you are rude, I shall block you and bin you.

(ii) Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809–1892), from his great epic poem Morte d’Arthur.

(iii) It was entirely unrehearsed and spontaneous: after many decades of doing preparation for teaching an amazing variety of classes to an equally amazing variety of adult ed students (teaching astrology beats the hell out of civil service clerical English for interest value, let me tell you!!) I am now permanently allergic to prep…


Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius 12/2020

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12 thoughts on “Does the Aquarian Age exist? Is it a metaphor? Where are we now? For Episode One of “Beginners Mind Astrology”…Andrew Paine interrogates Anne Whitaker…

  1. As you mentioned 1802 [18 July] as being the start of the Saturn Jupiter cycle that is now restarting [or was in 2020] I’d just like to point out that this was when Thomas Young demonstrated his Two-Slit light experiment to the Royal Society [12 Nov 1801 just as Jupiter joined Saturn in Virgo, and 24 Nov 1803, just as Saturn joined Jupiter in Libra (although at either end)]. This is significant as it was the first demonstration of quantum phenomena, although they didn’t know that it was that back then. I would suggest that this is a perfect example of Jupiter/Saturn, because in my understanding of them; Jupiter lets us be conscious of the spirit or truth of reality, while Saturn lets us sense the actuality of reality. NB. “lets” is probable not the correct word to describe the role of planets. 2022 has just seen the awarding of the Nobel Prize for proofs that the Universe is quantum, not classical, which incidentally supports the idea that free will is the order of the day, rather than Einstein’s view of a pre-determined block universe.

    1. Thanks so much for giving us these highly apposite correspondences between planetary symbolism and scientific advances in our understanding of the astonishing universe of which we are part. As a life-long appreciator of the perspectives offered by science, it’s moving and inspiring to observe such correspondences. I have never seen any reason for them to be anything other than complementary, and it saddens me to see how polarised they have gradually become since the scientific revolution of the 17th Century onwards.
      Like you, I too was cheered by the the awarding of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics to Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for experiments in quantum science. I hate the idea of living in a soulless, predetermined universe…

  2. Via Facebook:
    Nika Middleton

    It’s very nice Anne Whitaker. Lovely take on what is fate(like your view on astrological prediction,so true) and love your kind voice.

  3. Via Facebook:
    Monica Regan

    A very enjoyable watch, especially the discussion on fate, and of course the Age of Aquarius. As a tarot reader and (beginner) astrologer, the topic of fate is one that comes up over and over, and I still refer to my teacher elucidating the difference between fate and destiny by example of a coming storm: the fact that it is coming, that is fate and there is nothing you can do about it. But how you deal with it before, such as preparing, and after, that is destiny and it is within your control.
    Personally I see our recent advances in internet and phone technology as an Aquarian Age development, as well as the social media proliferation and how it connects us all. No doubt Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius is bout to shake this aspect of our lives up – how exactly, that remains to be seen and I’ve learned to check my personal bias before making any concrete predictions!

    1. Thanks so much for this thoughtful and considered reply, Monica! Yes, I have written more extensively about these changes in other places, Including how all those Internet developments are totally representative of a shift into the Air era our culture has increasingly taken in the last 20 years and especially recently as a result of a deadly air-borne virus…

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