Some brief notes on Order and Chaos: what are the planetary cycles saying?

In trying to make some sense out of current uncertainty and turbulence, it can help to check out what the planetary cycles are saying. Here are some brief notes summing up the essence of the present day planetary picture.

Carl Jung “In all chaos there is a cosmos,

 in all disorder a secret order.”

We know several things astrologically at the moment which describe crisis in the world in general :

We are moving from one world era to another: from a period between 1803 and 21st December 2020 when the twenty-year long Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions were travelling through the Earth element  – describing (in shorthand terms) the era of capitalism. This era, simply put, owes its ‘success’ to heedless exploitation of our mother planet, and a way of living which is increasingly obviously no longer sustainable as we continue metaphorically to saw off the branch on which we are all sitting as the climate crisis takes off.

Crisis = threat+opportunity

That conjunction’s journey shifted to the Air element for the 200+ years following 2020’s Winter Solstice, when Jupiter and Saturn met at 0° Aquarius: early evidence being an airborne covid 19 pandemic which has upended the way we live, and the fact that our culture is taking a major shift into conducting itself on Air e.g. via zoom, proliferating social media, and increasingly sophisticated advances in Artificial Intelligence or A.I. 

This first 20 year cycle of the Jupiter Saturn combination through the Air element between 2020 and 2040 is going to be critical in setting the terms of reference for the new world order into which we are moving. 

The USA is currently undergoing its Pluto return at 27 Capricorn in 2022, with attendant turmoil, and there is a major war taking place in Ukraine which began in the Spring of 2022, showing no sign of coming to an end any time soon. Pluto’s cycle is around 248 years; we have seen, since his entry into Capricorn in 2008, every institution on the face of the Earth dredged and purged with all its unresolved crap coming to the surface. Until Pluto finally settles into Aquarius on 19th November 2024 – just after the next USA Election on 5th November 2024 – the purging and dredging which began in 2007/ 2008 will continue. From all of this you can see that the time over this winter is going to be especially critical worldwide as the Lord of the Underworld returns to Aquarius on March 23rd 2023, for the first time since the revolutionary decade of the 1770s. Astrologer Jessica Davidson has done a fine historical survey of Pluto’s Aquarian ingresses – and impacts – over a long historical timeline. Read it HERE

 However, I take comfort from my knowledge of that historical timeline, however sketchy it may be – cultures have always alternated between periods of chaos dominating, out of which of arise new ways of humans organising themselves – as order gradually reasserts itself.

Learning to live with uncertainty, trying to find our personal balance in an era in which chaos (Neptune) is increasingly more evident than order (Saturn) seems to be what we are all challenged to do at present. 

My personal motto is ‘start where you are and do what you can’ as positively as possible, in order to make some small individual contribution to the birthing of a more constructive world order from the old one: an order which is clearly deeply corrupt and well past its sell by date…

Crisis = threat

10 thoughts on “Some brief notes on Order and Chaos: what are the planetary cycles saying?

  1. Anne, what an interesting read, both yours and Jessica’s! We have a lot of work to do and knowing ourselves is key, for sure. The adage of “order, disorder, reorder” are true and visible in our experiences of this time. Hope you’re well.

    1. Thanks, as ever, for your thoughtful comment- glad you appreciated the post. Jessica Davidson’s post is really informative and helpful in giving the longer view…I am indeed well…hope you are too…feeling the first stirrings of the new energies approaching, as indeed I think are many of us. 2023 is sure going to be interesting, to put it mildly!!

    1. Many thanks, Leah, your support always appreciated. I felt it would be useful to do a brief summary which is accessible to open-minded folks who really don’t know any Astrology, as well as those of us who study and practice…

  2. Via Facebook:
    Terry Gemmell

    I find your references to order and chaos fascinating, as these are central to my philosophical and writing pursuits. I’ve been hooked on the importance of this dichotomy since I read Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy.
    The battles betwixt the Apollonian and Dionysian.
    But with my Jupiter in Aries coinciding with my 2nd return of Saturn in Aquarius, I’m sure I’m bound to find that paradigm shifting philosophy society desperately needs.
    …On a curious note, I started this week by scrapping my old writing project, and approaching my work with a different perspective, and a new voice.
    One that’s softer, older, more mature. More in line with my Taurus mid-heaven, not as much of my Leo Sun/Asc.

    1. Yes, that order /chaos dialectic has fascinated me too, for a long time. And it’s interesting that you too are feeling the new air/fire energy slowly bringing in a very different dynamic, as Pluto’s shift prepares to emphasise the Aquarius /Leo polarity… I am feeling similar shifts as times change …as are other friends and associates. Times are harsh right now, but it’s not all bad!

  3. Via Facebook:
    Dolly Grimmer

    Gosh Anne I really needed that!! Thanks for clearing my head for my day off….I feel lighter now…maybe it’s the Air right enough?!

  4. Your insights are always so clear Anne. That fluctuation between polar signs and the grand cycles are writ large now. As someone said “we live in interesting times”.

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