An astrologer’s job description…here goes!

“…My  job as an astrologer is to help other people understand themselves more clearly. I don’t know what the balance is between fate and free will any more than any one else does. But the Birth Chart or Horoscope suggests strongly that we come into this world, not as tabulae rasae (blank slates)  but with certain characters on the stage poised to live out a complex drama as the process of our life unfolds from birth to death…” 

I am delighted to be having this article feature in the March/April 2023 issue of the well-known UK based Kindred Spirit Magazine: over a number of years it has been one of the most consistently read pieces on my Astrology: Questions and Answers blog (now an archive of very varied articles – do drop by and have a browse!) and is included in my recent, acclaimed collection of 60 essays, articles and columns published from 1995-2021 in a wide range of magazines, newspapers and journals world-wide, “Postcards to the Future, available worldwide on Amazon both in print and e-book versions.

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I was also pleased when Kindred Spirit’s editor Leah Russell contacted me shortly before the issue deadline to say I was going to be introduced as one of three front page featured contributors, and could I give her one line of advice to my younger self, to appear along with my mugshot. What a question! Anyway, here it is along with the mugshot which I took myself on mobile phone the day of my very first haircut just after lockdown – the first for nearly two years! (My hair has never looked so good before or since!…)

I do hope my readers – and welcome to lots of new subscribers in recent months! – enjoy the article, and appreciate the advice either retrospectively or in advance. Your thoughts are welcome, as long as they are constructive. Anything else will be binned!!


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2 thoughts on “An astrologer’s job description…here goes!

  1. Congratulations on the publication of this wise article of yours. Just one minor comment by me – you write: “… we help clients to confirm who they are (which they probably already know, if they are honest with themselves).” With my Moon/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio in the sixth house and the Sun in enclosed Virgo in the fifth house I had considerable problems to understand who I am. For decades I was struggling to grasp what was real about me and what was perhaps just a fantasy or illusion, and it was astrology that helped me enormously to understand and accept my personality. So I am one of those (hopefully few) who do/did not know who they are when they start with astrology, and it was not only about honesty. Thank you very much for your valuable work, please keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Nico, for dropping by and being so honest about yourself – and for making a very relevant point. You are quite right to point out that not everyone, even deep down, actually knows who they are. I’m so glad that taking up the study of Astrology has helped you gradually to find out…

      And thank you so much for your kind words about my writing. Any wisdom I may have has been very hard earned!!

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