Contemplating that mysterious, elusive Twelfth House…

‘… I had not come across this before, but you really touch on everything I have wondered and thirsted to understand about the purpose of the 12th house, and navigating it. I‘m certainly inspired to embrace these ideas and uncover more! 

…Thank you again for sharing such eloquent wisdom. ..’

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One of the great pleasures of being a writer is the affirming feedback from readers and appreciators of one’s work which appears from time to time. I’ve had various requests recently to republish some of my writings on the Twelfth House: that most hidden, elusive, mysterious ‘place in space’, which tends to get a pretty bad rap! The lovely feedback shared above (with the sender’s permission) has inspired me to do that now.

The Twelfth House is hard to understand, difficult to grasp – and can take those of us with planets in that house ( five, in my case! )(i) a long time to work out how to “live in the world, but not of it” with which, essentially, we 12th House people are tasked.

The essay you are about to read has been published in several places in recent years: you will find it along with other varied writings in my recent acclaimed collection of sixty published essays, articles, and columns “Postcards to the Future” in the section titled ‘Where I live (behind the sofa…”) where some of my writings on the Twelfth House appear. From this, and the title of the essay ie ‘Contemplating the Twelfth House: an optimist’s take on self-undoing’ you may gather that I have come to relatively peaceful terms with the pains – and the considerable gifts, which can flow from being a lifelong occupant of territory where

… all forms disperse, and flash back into life again
where boundaries are impossible to draw
where our experiences dissolve into our collective, tribal, familial, and personal past
where the seeds of the future lie
where ‘reality’ and ‘imagination’ overlap
where paranormal experience takes place
where religion and myth’s ‘sacred time’ resides
which myth describes
which the collective unconscious evokes
which can be perceived as God, Goddess, the Void, Brahman, the Zero Point Field

Enjoy the read!


(i) I was even BORN in the twelfth house of the street my parents were living in at the time!

©anne whitaker 2023

8 thoughts on “Contemplating that mysterious, elusive Twelfth House…

  1. Ann,
    Since I have my Sun, Uranus and the Northern Node all in Gemini in the 12th house, I have not only enjoyed your article but found it mind blowing. You have spoken words to me that were in my mind and heart for years and yet I felt were out-of-time-and-space. Thank you so much for putting your heart, soul, and guts into this writing. It has helped me today and will help me onward in my journey in this lifetime. Namaste.

    1. Dear Robin
      I dropped into my office briefly to email a document from my laptop here – and have just found your wonderful comment.
      Thank you so much! You have completely affirmed why I wrote this piece. I really hoped it would help other 12th House people to understand more clearly the gifts and necessities of this wonderfully rich ‘place in space’.

      I’ll share our exchange on my site when I get home – and can look up my WordPress password…😎
      Blessings to you

  2. Via Facebook:
    Priscilla Parham Hudson
    Looking forward to reading it and your insights; I have a stellium in the 12th of my personal planets and it’s the tip of a TSquare Jupiter/Pisces (that Saturn is smack dab on top of right now) opposite Uranus/Virgo. Fun, fun, fun! 🥴😶‍🌫️🤍

  3. 24.6.23:
    Via Email ( with permission)
    From Ruth:

    So many of the elements you touch on in this article add to the recognition that I have also had parallel world experiences, which I have partly treated as my ‘vivid’ imagination. I have small paranormal experiences, sometimes ‘seeing’ things or ‘feeling’ them. Sometimes I am briefly transported to another time, and thought that just my passion for history. I have no trouble accepting fairies or dragons and talk to everything as if it is a ‘being’ – which, in the popping in and out spirit and matter, of course, everything is.

    So I thank you for releasing me from some self and society-imposed boundaries, to that vastness that I am already familiar with even though it had been packaged in ways so I could explain it to myself.

    Finding your website “Writing from the 12th house” (and subscribing) will be the added on-going bonus 😊

    1. Dear Ruth,
      Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write to me – it’s wonderful feedback like this that makes me feel my efforts are worthwhile. The 12th house generally speaking is not well understood, and not enough people who have come to terms with it are writing about it in order to encourage other 12th House folk to get to grips with its gifts and complexities.
      Much appreciated!

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