Chiron: the wound that makes us wise…maybe…

Chiron moved into Aries on 17th April 2018, settling in to go direct by February 18th 2019, just before the whole world was upended and traumatised by a world-wide pandemic, and is now half way through his journey in that sign just as we are emerging from the havoc generated by Covid-19 to the accompaniment of the worst war on European soil since the end of World War Two.

Chiron remains in Aries until his final exit in 2027. This half way point seems good timing for taking stock as covid-related deaths (upwards of 3 million at the last estimate), economic damage and social devastation take their toll with world financial stability looking less than reassuring . We are a very wounded human community at present; we seem intent in many ways on wounding rather than healing both ourselves, our communities and nations, and most seriously of all, our Mother Planet.

Image: Pablo Maringo

I find it compelling that a century ago (i), as the world was emerging traumatised from the ghastly upheaval of the First World War of 1914-18, Chiron was preparing to move into Aries on February 18th 1919, co-inciding with the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918-20 in which 25–50 million (generally accepted) people died.

As Dr Liz Greene says in her eagerly awaited new book on Chiron (ii):

“…Healing Chiron’s wound, in my understanding, doesn’t lie in trying to create a perfect society or never experiencing suffering again, but in each of us coming to terms with the roots and nature of our own individual pain, bitterness, and sense of victimisation, and finding ways of working with these experiences creatively rather than trying to make them go away or finding someone or something to blame…” (iii)

As Chiron currently moves through the middle degrees of Aries, I thought it might be apt to share my own reflections back in 2018 on the nature of Chiron, as he prepared to leave Pisces and begin his long traverse of Aries. The essay was published on Astrodienst then, offering some perspectives as well as addressing a number of questions raised in my own practice and teaching, including:

What does Chiron mean to you? Have you experienced his symbolic energy as healing? Wounding? As the ‘inconvenient benefic’, kicking open doors to places you’d never have thought to go? 

I hope you enjoy the essay – feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences of the workings of this most complex, paradoxical astrological archetype as we eagerly wait for Dr Liz Greene’s new work on Chiron.

Reflecting on Chiron, as his Aries trip begins


(i) The orbit of Chiron is pretty irregular, but it returns to its own place every 50 years: The last time Chiron was in Aries was from 1968–1977, and before that, it was 1918–1927.

(ii)Chiron in Love: The Astrology of Envy, Rage, Compassion and Wisdom‘ is due to be released on September 20 2023 by The Wessex Astrologer where copies can be pre-ordered. Happily, other Liz Greene titles are now also available from Wessex Astrologer including ‘The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest’ by Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman-Burke. Must-have books!

(iii) Quoted from UK’s The Astrological Journal, July/Aug 2023, p15, from an extract taken from ‘Chiron in Love: The Astrology of Envy, Rage, Compassion and Wisdom‘.

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12 thoughts on “Chiron: the wound that makes us wise…maybe…

  1. 30.6.23:
    Via Facebook:
    Kivan Odabasi

    Chiron makes many aspects in my chart; I agree with the ‘be creative’ perspective as quoted from Liz Greene in the article. To be accepting and growing from there, to listen and learn, to be open to new perspectives are the answers I sought and found in my own experience. Additionally, there is need for much awareness, who creates our reality, how reality is perceived are questions worth considering.

  2. 30.6.23:
    Via Facebook:
    Margo Cline

    In April of 2018 I lost a friend to suicide. Her loss was so hard on all her friends. I also lost a friend last year to alcoholism. Also very hurtful. This year I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, forcing me to do acute self-care.

  3. 30.6.23:
    Via Facebook:
    Mara Owens

    Chiron is on my MH conj Galactic Center opp BML & SQU Saturn and my end degree Pisces AC (where Neptune just stationed)

  4. 01.7.23:
    Via Facebook:
    Sellieve Neptune
    Speaking of 2018, in the autumn that year, my astro twin, famous rapper Mac Miller, born a day after me (January 18th 1992) had transiting chiron square some of his capricorn planets when he overdosed, and it was a hard time for me as well but I pulled thru…

    1. Thanks so much for this personal feedback, Sellieve – and for addding another little bit of experiential astro-evidence to our collective interest in twins’ similar/ differing experiences.
      Glad you recovered from your hard time. Hope in retrospect there were some gains: re greater understanding of both Chiron’s symbolism in action, and of your own life…

  5. 01.7.23:
    Via Facebook:
    Jennifer Weisbrod

    Oh the “inconvenient benefic”! I love that definition/description-
    Having Chiron exactly conjoined to my MC and making several other aspects from it I can relate to that definition very very well … my Chiron return will be interesting… it’s right around the corner

  6. 01.7.23:
    Via Facebook:
    Aquarius Papers
    Chiron is so much more than a wounded healer. Here’s a small part of a much longer article I wrote some years ago: In Greek Mythology this brilliant and kind astrologer-healer was the greatest among centaurs, born of a different lineage than the rest. He was the first centaur, an immortal half-man, half-horse. Though most centaurs were over-indulgent, rowdy, and uncultured, Chiron was considered the greatest centaur due to his civilized intelligence, nobility, and kindness.
    He was a great healer, astrologer, musician, ethicist, and respected oracle, as well as archer. According to legend, Chiron was most revered as a mentor and teacher to some great heroes, with Asclepius, Ajax, Theseus, Peleus, Achilles, Perseus, Jason and Heracles as some of his students. One of his skills was that he knew how to get his pupils to find their highest potential and destiny. So perhaps Chiron’s position in our charts mentors us to our highest potential and destiny.
    Son of Kronos (Time/Saturn), Chiron was immortal, and though he could heal others, he could not heal himself, and gave his immortality (and life) so humanity could receive the gift of Fire.

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